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Extended BLDC-TOOL with Watt Control Mode, PPM Cruise Control, individual Throttle-Curve and Android App

I added the firmware version number. It is Version 2.50 now.
And ignore those warnings. I know them and they are absolutely harmless. Can’t avoid them.
It is the function that creates the diagram.
(Details: every time a value changes a listener is called to draw the diagram again. And the call always have to pass a parameter which i don’t need for the diagram calculation. But i can’t avoid it. So it is absolutely harmless)

BTW great that you try it.

I noticed some kind of bug when I played with the VESC.
When I rebooted it, BLDC Tool closed also by its own.
Is that normal ?

Does that happen every time? Doesn’t happen on my computer. And if it happens every time then please restart your computer and check again.

I didn’t try for a long time but IIRC, each time I rebooted the VESC through Reboot button.

Maybe do “make clean && make” again. Apart from the fact that this is annoying it can’t have another bad effect. Does it also happen in the Vedder BLDC-Tool?

Never hqd this issue with Vedder’s one.
I use Vedder’s BLDC Tool directly on OSX.
I use yours on a Ubuntu virtual machine.

Maybe i you find the time you could give Vedders BLDC-Tool a go in Ubuntu to be sure.
And maybe you can start my BLDC-Tool via the Terminal. Maybe it gives a error message.
Could be that it is a issue with the USB device via your virtual machine when it looses connection to the VESC because of the reboot.

BTW, after you defined PPM in the general tab and rebooted you don’t need to reboot again when you change the PPM specific settings. Only write and test directly.
So a reboot should only be nesessary when changing from BLDC to FOC or changing from PPM to Nunchuck or any other application.

That’s weird. I’ve been testing and haven’t seen any reboots at all. Are you running this through a virtual machine by chance?

@Ackmaniac You’ve done an awesome job on this so far. Thanks.

I had to configure UART for my bluetooth module so I needed to reboot several times.
I already launch your BLDC Tool via Terminal but don’t have any errors on it when it closed.
Anyway, I’ll see if it happens again and let you know. :wink:

I must say that i am really proud on the throttle curve adjustment. It works exactly as expected. Had headaches about how to makes this easy accessible and understandable for everybody. And i am really really happy with the result.

Here is a example how i adjusted my throttle curve for my dual drive board with 1200 watts max at each VESC.

So for example the Power output at 30 % throttle is only 175 watts (2 VESCs 350 watts) instead of 350 watts (2 VESCs 700 Watts) with a linear throttle line.

So it is much easier to control the board at a constant speed while cruising around at around 30 km/h. Because the difference between 350 watts to 700 watts is much bigger (100%) then the difference of 1350 to 1700 watts (25%).

And with this mod it is possible to adjust more sensibility at lower throttle range.

And if you have a Mountain Board which needs more power because of the tires you can adjust the power above the linear line to have a higher power output and then more control for the usable power range.


This is such an important usability/ saftey advancement for very high power / high torqure boards.

Nearly everyone the first time they step on the raptors push the throttle to hard and land on arse.

This way we can tone it down but still have all the power at the top.



You can fix those warnings by using:

I will try that. Many thx.

Just saw this great news about watt control and other features and want to try this, because I also don’t like it just to use 50% of the throttle range. Is the current windows version of the BLDC Tool and firmware ready to go or are there any bugs which will be fixed like this warnings?

Btw. I have to unzip the bin file and put it into the platforms folder, right?

No, the bin file is the firmware file. Just select this one in the BLDC-Tool when you choose the firmware file.

Just wanted to let you know what i am currently working on. I am very happy with the actual throttle adjustment but i wanted to get it a bit more curvy. So i am trying some calculations. Only Problem is that it is not as intuitive as the actual setup. So it would be nesessary to test a little bit. But you always could see the rsults in the Diagram so you know how the final result would look like. But you can really draw some nice curves by that.

Here are some examples


Ok, when I wanted to choose the firmware file it just appears an empty “platforms” folder, so I thought I put the file into this folder. But I can also choose the file directly from the “Downloads” folder, so that’s the same, right?

Yes , it’s only a file. Doesn’t matter in which folder. But please read the first post in this thread to understand the values.

Do you think it could be possible for single motor setups to implement ppm cruise control through steering channel?
By plugging the steering channel into the adc pin by example
Not sure it’s doable, probably timer problems?
Otherwise to bypass timer problems, maybe we could slightly modify receivers to only send all or nothing on the steering channel, then read this “all or nothing” signal through the adc pin (or an other pin) and enable or not cruise control depending on the state