Extra Parts Sale

Hobby Wing 6s 150a Esc.This is Extra and just laying around, payed $150 for it, shoot me a decent offer.

Next is a single Drive Jacob Hub, $120 For it all.

6s4p? $120 Shipped. Should be able to pull 40a consistently. I think it came off a bench wheel.

All open to offers,

The single jacob hub, does it include the other truck? Also how much has it been used? Does it have the slipping urethane problem?

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I have ridden my Jacob hubs for ~200km now - with the easy fix that I proposed I did not have any urethane slipping so far. Even if these motors had it - you can fix it easily

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Yeah exactly, it does include the other set of wheels and suff, for single Drive I do recommend getting the fixed sleeve.

Are you able to ship to Eu?

Yes! 10chars @Mark

Bumpy Bumpty, Make offers in need this gone before i toss it!

100$ + shipping ill take the Jacob Hub. Edit: Are these clones?

I´m interested in the Jacob Hub with front truck aswell! Germany here :slight_smile:

yes they are

Does the benchwheel esc work? I don’t need the battery, just the esc.

Yeah to my knowledge haha.