Extra thick deck

I am looking for an extra thick deck that could be routed routed out to partially have the batteries set inside. Not thick enough to completely enclose them but just part of them.

Any ideas or companies that will custom build a desk to a preferred thickness?

Thanks, Jason


I have one from Omen - they had a few of the Omen Chiefs and another similar. Give them a shout and see what they say! Not sure if any are left, but really really cool guys. I drove up (they are just 20-25min N of me), got to tour and chat with them.

I routered out the bottom super thin in spots, reinforced the top w/ some really heavy 12k CF:

I have another custom from Subsonic (also near me - on my way home) - Scott can make you just about anything you want… That one i’m going to put GBomb drop brackets on to recreate an old favorite esk8 board i had stolen.

My super-secret uber long-term project (all of my projects are super long term…), and no pics.

I’ve also seen folks on here get two of a board and sandwich them to get the thickness to bury their electronics.


@jasonyng - Checkout out our Carbon Fiber deck on www.

I think someone here sandwiched two decks together…I kinda like that idea

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