Exway Esk8 on Kickstarter

A couple of days ago an interesting e-skate Kickstarter campaign launched. The design looks awesome and is quite stealthy but I am sure the battery is not very serviceable and repairs will be hard to do.

I have ordered one since I quite like that it’s not recognizable as an electric version board and costs a fraction from the comparable Inboard M1.

What do you guys think?

Any idea on how to create a board that stealthy for a costom Esk8 Setup as well? I really wanna try it myself too.

120Wh will get you like 8km with dual hubs - less at the 40km/h they promise

Saw their campaign… in a way I was impressed… very well made… but judging from what @Maxid posted, it does look like it wont get the desired 16km out of it… and they are ‘‘following others’’ in the fake range stat thing…

bullshit marketing, when I calculate this: if this board goes up to 40 km/h and 30% incline, max rider weight is 50kg, otherwise they broke physics


yeh, as I said - they have sticked to ‘‘common esk8 marketing practice’’ seen among other retailers… ''always lie about the range… as if the board user was super light, didnt go fast, didnt have any inclines on the way…

i’m 90% sure this is stary dual and no more gears. the remote is almost exact, and the arrow on top is a giveaway.

pretty sure I saw on reddit that they rebranded, probably because they took for ever to ship and then burst in to flames when they finally did. :fire:

I love the fact that it has an explosive proof coating on! Can I get some of that coating too? :joy:

Just a chinesse rebrand…you can find the same board on alibaba…

Hmmm… unfortunately I think you might be correct. This one looks quite similar to the Exway. Even when the motor wires are visible on this one and the remote is different the similarities are very obvious.


Well, seems like for whatever reason they canceled their Kickstarter campaign yesterday. Maybe they only needed enough publicity to attract customers?