Exway X1 Pro range extension

Hey guys. So heres the big question. I have one ( and a half ) X1 pro laying around. I had one which is broken ( could be fixed ) and a working one. What if I take out the battery ( which is fine ) from the broken one and add it in parallel(?) to the other one to double(?) my range on the board? I’m quite new to modding and diy-ing but this seems quite doable no? I mean the principle would be the same what others do with their boosteds. And I don’t think there would be any problems as it’s the same battery basically, and both of then are in same-ish conditions. What do you guys think?

Hi there I know late reply, but did you figure anything out for extending the range?

I’m looking to try myself .

Adding an additional battery will work, its fairly straight forward… It could be as simple as soldering an extra connector & plugging it in.

However, I guess it depends on the deck, enclosure & battery you have… I guess these few variables can complicate things…

With the exway the battery pack is in side the board which dose not have enough room to house more battery’s, so I believe I would have to house them outside of the board with a decent casing and parallel them up.

I would have to make sure the BMS would not be effected in theory it shouldn’t as I’m only increasing capacity.