Exway X1 Pro (version 2?)

Hi guys,

I saw ok Instagram, pics of a Exway X1 Pro! Is this the version 2?

Am I allowed to post pics from it here?

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Post away my friend. Just don’t include any shark porn. No one likes that.


Hahah! image


Shark porn???image


There’s always one…


I like the back choice. We’ll see whether it only changed in esthetic or also in the mechanical parts.

Lol…Sorry… never heard the term shark porn before, first thing that popped into my head

85mm wheels :confused:. Personally i prefer 90 or more

Actually I do like the small wheels. 90mm is the max for me. Skateboard should ride low on street. With Esk8 we moved to the bigger the better but the riding stability sucks compare to low ride. Only exception is if you have a drop down/through board where you can still be low with 100mm wheels. Just my opinion. We need big wheels because with belt drive and big motor you need clearance


I saw another image which had shock Absorbtion grip tape too. Hopefully a bigger battery.

Personally 40km/h max is more than plenty

Big wheels help with pebbles and cracks. I personally dont like getting stuck in train tracks. My kegels would get stuck crossing trolley tracks.

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Absolutely true but 85mm is plenty for those. If you really bad roads then an AT set up is the way. Even bigger PU sucks on cracks. You can pass them but you don’t feel it nice and you loose stability too.

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AT isnt needed… ive never really used 85mm so I cant say it wouldn’t work but I dont want to risk flying forward off my board…I can slow down and control an unstable board.

I also do ride 90mm since I find it a good compromise in the city. Just saying that I have tried normal board upgraded to 100mm wheels and they feel way more unstable. Same reason why downhill guys use small wheels and racing car are the closest as possible to the ground.


@sofu you have any info on these?

…doesn’t look like anything to me :upside_down_face:

(I’m sworn to secrecy for now)


On an unrelated topic! I just did 100kms on my Exway! Wow…loving the ride image image


Well, it’s basically announced in China so…


85mm wheels standard, 28-29mph top speed, 15 mile range, turbo mode, 1200W, 193Wh battery, something about “Riot accessories” dunno what that’s about, 12s lipos blah blah

Edit: Riot turns out to be [redacted] so I’ll leave y’all guessing again :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds great! That’s practically double the range of current one. 48km/h top speed. That is insane

More like 10 mile range :woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face: if that :pensive::pensive::pensive: