Ezrun Max6 pairinf with remote issue

I am using an ezrun max 6 as a back up ESC. And I have noticed it sometimes takes 5 minutes to pair! I keep powering it on:off until it randomly pairs and then I can finally ride! Any idea what is causing this? With my VESC it pairs in 2 seconds but with Hobbywing ez run max 6

I suspect it is more likely to be your remote controller and receiver rather than the MAX 6. Pairing is done by the remote & receiver and nothing to do with the esc. Perhaps there is some interference causing the longer pairing time.

Try checking the rx cable to make sure it’s not plugged into the receiver backwards. Was having the same problem when I first setup my board (blinking light for days upon startup). Pretty sure I had the - and + reversed. Still get a little delay with the Quanum remote, but not nearly as bad as before. GT2B pairs immediately.

Hi Benjamin

It is not plugged backwards beceause sometimes it works. It just takes a long time to pair , today it did not pair at all, in spite of multiple power cycle of remote and esc I am desperate i

Yeah, that’s how mine was at first as well (blinking lights for a good minute or so before binding). Figured I might’ve had the cable backwards at first, but I’m not sure. Still a little delay now, but not bad (10 seconds or so).

Do you have two ESCs connected with a y-harness? If so, you can try swapping out the harness and see if it helps. If not I’d just swap out to a different reciever/transmitter like maki said above.

Hi Benjamin

No only 1 esc, to get to pair I have to turn off/on the esc sometimes also the remote until it decides it want to pair:( , very frustrating , the supplier does not know a way

Did you try switching to a new transmitter/reciever?