F/S $250 psychotiller store credit for $200

As the tittle says, save $50 if you are planning to buy anything from @psychotiller 's store. If you want sweet motors, reliable batteries or some enclosure, this is your chance.

Usually cashing a gift card/ store credit goes for around 50% to 70% . just trying to help you out.


Well this is aimed for someone that is already thinking of buying from psychotiller, as it was my case when I bought a bigger store credit… It’s basically free money for the one that is already going to spend it there. If I sold it for 50%,it would be better to buy a couple of motors and resell them here don’t you think?


Yeah, I’d agree with you. This is a pretty niche thing so you’ll probably get someone. You maaaay want to drop to $200 since $25 isn’t that much and is kind of a hassle to do anything for.

Any forum members know anyone looking at psychotiller that you’d want to tag?


Thanks for your comment. Actually it is pretty hassle-free it will only need a pm between the buyer, me and psychotiller, but yeah, maybe $25 isn’t enough incentive for some people… I’ll drop it to $220, right now I am not in a hurry at all.


Might want to actually get psychotiller to confirm that your code / gift card / whatever is authentic

Personally I’m not interested, but it may add appeal to your listing

It is authentic and the transfer already agreed with psychotiller… If I have a buyer I will coordinate with the two of them. :wink:


@psychotiller can YOU confirm this please sir?


Are you interested @J0ker3366?

It’s legit


Bumpity bump

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Last price, lowered to $200,if it doesn’t sell ill use it to buy a pair of motors.


Final bump. Buying motors after this.

Just buy and resell something thats common, well priced and everyone wants. Like 2 new maytech vescs and something else and then you can sell and get the $200 out of it

Yeah, might do that with the motors, or maybe I’ll use them in the future.

Sold to @Didsomeone! @psychotiller please see details with him.

@mmaner please close!