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FABulous | undecided deck | Single Carvon V2 hub motor | SPACE Cell | VESC

What’s up guys! I’ve been interested in building an E board for a few years and just now put together a good list of parts that I’m stoked on.

I’m a metal fabricator by trade so building everything comes natural but wiring is where I draw my line. The Space cell and vesc were absolute god sends and makes a high quality high power build easily possible.

Also picked up a CarvOn V2 single hub motor for efficiency/coastability. Right now my fun runs are about 10-20 miles pushing or combo push/paddle, and I would love to still push now and again. I was actually thinking of building a lightweight paddle with built in controls down the road.

Still haven’t decided on a deck because I’m in the process of machining a billet battery/vesc box. I have this stiff sector nine drop through that might go under the knife…or go titanium frame. Time and budget will tell

The Vesc, how oh how I want to understand how it actually works, super fun to play with though. Successfully updated vesc firmware and messed with FOC modes. Love this piece of tech!!

Haven’t decided on the controller so I’m going to probably order a nunchuck and enertion controller. Test both out right lol.

Progress is decided on how much race cars have taken over my life at the time hahaha. Love the forum guys! Hope to spread the e board love


Can’t wait to see what kind of awesome case design you come up with!

Looks like it will be a nice clean build!

Throwing some ideas around with my cnc buddy. Should start life as a $80 billet slab but I might manual mill the first version if he doesn’t have the time.

After seeing the heat sink mods done to boost vesc output I was thinking about bolting them down with thermal paste to act like a heatsink.

Still looking for semi-affordable mil specish 3 pin high amperage bulkhead connectors for the motors. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know!

Two nunchucks, vesc connection dongle and enertion controller in motion.

Really trying to resist hitting jerry up about converting my single to a dual haha

All waiting on controllers but managed to get the trucks mocked up and pushed around on them a bit. Sooooo glad I went with the Carvon hub motor, there is only the slightest hint of drag.

Actually I think they are easier to push than my daily setup, loaded dervish flex 1, dropped plus half inch on custom turned grooved and narrowed 107 mm Flywheels. (Puerto rican roads)

Enertion controller has shipped, could be a fun weekend. …


I see you are using a dropthrough deck with the Carvon’s, do you think it is possible to use them as a dropthrough truck setup or will the motors hit the deck/cause wheelbite? How much clearance is left?

Sick car in the background btw, cheers!


I tried to mount them drop through but they bit on the mock up deck. You might be able to do it on a narrow tongue board. I clearances for the motors then it had wheel bite.

If I have some time I’ll see how they clear on the loaded which is only 4" wide at the truck point.

In no time at all I got the Enertion controller and had everything mocked up for vesc tuning. Man…I swear I’ve read every thread in here twice and it helped a bunch! The shear amount of knowledge here is incredible and actually makes doing something like this kinda easy.

I kinda stole settings from everyone and mixed and matched for my single hub/space combo. Even bench testing the results of minor tuning was very noticeable.

Makes me want to build a little roller dyno to simulate load for even more precise tuning and durability/temp testing. Software is free…

I want to say thanks to @onloop.

This is going to be a fun weekend!

Oh…and just wait till you see…

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Pretty cool seing the urethane expand/deform

Yeah, carvons hubs have some power! @Blasto

Burnouts anyone? Lol

Waiting on a special package in the mail so I just taped up the components for a quick ride around the shop.

Slow speed control is tits and carvon single hub has plenty of tq! The throttle is very easy to control and very low speeds without cogging are possible.

Crazy excited right now

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Can you post screen shots of your settings? Cheers

I’ll get some pix by tonight. @sgaana

What is your setup?


Vented disk brakes!?? Sweet!

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For real ? Details please !

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Billet 4 piston hydraulic…

More info tonight. Also received headlight and functional brake light kit

dats sexually pleasing… just saying.

Still trying to figure out. I will be making enclosure these few days and then get back to my settings. This is my thread: Project Zephyr | Rayne Reaper | CarVon Dual Hub Motor | Enertion SPACE | Dual VESC | Nyko Kama

@sgaana try this!


Huge race in a few weeks so free time is slim. Lil teaser, led headlights and functional taillights with enertion controller.

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