Failed battery meter

I didn’t expect much considering it was cheap and from eBay but I expected more than a few days. Not sure what happened but the numbers have disappeared and the circuit board gets hot.

Probably just luck of the draw with these. I’ve been using this same one for 9 months or so and it’s still working. I usually buy these types of things in pairs just in case.

I probably should have. Anyone have suggestions on what to use instead of another one if these?

how was this wired up, pics?

I’ve only used this one, but there are a shitload of choices from the looks of it.

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One lead on BMS negative output, other lead on positive lead where it connects to vesc.

Yes, almost positive that’s the cause. I use the same meter and burned out two of them because the terminals were too far apart. You have to put it as close together as possible.

For me, i put them in the xt60 that goes to the vesc.

The positive lead is at the vesc connection. The negative lead is about 2" from the vesc connection.

Try soldering them closer. and to clarify i mean electrical distance, not physical.

had the same issue once - one of the pins of the IC got disconnected. I resoldered and it worked flawlessly again. Check the connections of the IC (under a microscope if possible).

This happened to one of my meters after I rode through a water puddle and water splashed on the meter’s face.

The circled area seems to be burnt and will get hot enough to burn you. I disconnected it from the board.

I had one die on me too, just replaced it and this one is going strong for a while now.