Fairly new Maytech 6369 170kv motors

Story behind these, used for Max 100km, due to a really low clearance scratches appeard very fast, also because of the clearance I shattered one magnet. Fortunately all windings survived. The other motor works perfectly. Maytech sells new cans for 60usd. So you can have two working motors, I’m selling both of them for 110e plus shipping. Please PM if interested. Based in EU.

100e 10char

Bump, 90euros for both.

fuck, 80 euros

Just a reality check. “fairly new” in the title does not match this description at all. Good luck with the sale.


welp, they seen a week of use and less than 100km, they are not new, also they are less than slightly used, scratches are cosmetic, both would run fine being fairly new for 140.

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I know they’re not “old”, but no one but you could say these are “fairly new”. :wink: The price is great though, if the other one is running well and just ugly.

60 euros!!