Falling with mountainboard bindings (video)

Hi, I think we can see the ‘‘extreme cases’’ of what happens, when you fall with bindings at higher speeds:

Analog youtube video, here (longer, not as ‘‘concentrated’’):

What is your experience with bindings and falling / jumping out of them?

I personally think that the best thing would be to get ‘‘open binding’’ for the front foot, similar like ‘‘Freeboard’’ has… so it is possible to pull the feet out… in case of sudden stop…

Otherwise, I’ve got my own experience on to how it is possible to pull out the rear foot out… but the front foot still stays inside and might throw the board over…

Imo the worst case is one foot get out the second still inside… the board rotates and damage your knee !

Thats my reason for always using Heelstraps, better have an harder impact but with both feets inside binding.

Of course you should use bodyarmor even more with heelstraps.



@Nowind That’s something to take note of (consider)…

Well, I did hurt my knee a bit, because yeah, since my front foot was still stuck in the binding I had to land on something… which was my knee… I assume with proper knee pads this is minimized (the actual trauma to the knee, if you have to land)

Speed wasnt that great when I fell but it did make reconsider using bindings vs not using them in the first place…

Though, until swing arm / pivot arm type of trucks becomes a thing Im probably gonna use bindings anyway for the extra stability and turn making… (dont recommend me to take a look at evolve trucks (gullwing), as these seem not be reliable at high speeds anyways)

I started my first tries without bindings, but you have almost no control when riding at bumpy terrain. Also your turning circle is quite large if you don’t want to ride with completely loose bindings.

Then I switched over to bindings which was a big improvement but without heelstraps you always have to correct the position of your foot in the binding, which distracts you from riding. If you fall and only get one foot out of the binding you can easily twist your knee very badly.

Conclusion: Mountainboard -> Bindings + Heel Straps!!! + Body Armor!!!

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@Duffman Could u explain the ‘‘knee twisting’’ in a bit more detail? How exactly that would happen?

I ride my bindings pretty loose… but not loose enough not to have any ‘‘grip’’ with my foot… I can move my feet around in them… part of the reason for this is that once you make really tight bindings they start to sqeeze your leg, which does not feel very good in the long term - similar like snowboard bindings/boots does, if you dont allow some room in them…

Me and a friend or two used to tow board using one of my friends twin engine go kart on a disused golf course near his house, it came to an end because he tried to jump one of bunkers in the kart at about 30mph and failed by hitting the rim of the bunker with the front bumper of the kart on landing and coming to a insant full stop in a puff of sand…he snapped the karts frame and battered his hands on the steering wheel with his chest… sounds bad but it was funny at the time and im still chuckling thinking about it now… we well egged him on to do it lol and i cant to this day think why he thought it would go well or that it would work :joy:

To me the nemesis have been suddenly hitting a soft patch of dirt and the front trucks just sinking into the ground, there is no time for anything at all. You get catapulted forward like a T with the board over your head still attached to the feet.

IMO I think that here in NYC the park department pay its workers just to dig holes and cover it back so they have something to do.

Here is one of those on video.

I totally agree: soft patches of sand or mud will stopps you unbelievable fast and you do a nice frontroll… if you see them coming you could try to shift the weight to the backend …but normally i dont see them coming (-:::


Hasnt happed to me yet, personally… but I witnessed extreme shaking of front trucks when going over frozen grass/dirt… For a moment I thought Im gonna fall :smiley: but I kept my weight on the back and I somehow managed to roll over all the uneven surfaces till it got flat again

Still sounds like a major concern to take notice / care of. Unexpected falling or sinking into the ground does not sound fun at all :slight_smile:

I never used heel straps on my trampa and I’ve avoided a few crashes on loose gravel when drive wheels lost traction and start fishtailing I somehow manage to jump off the board even when the straps are tight. I haven’t tried heel straps yet, I was actually considering them but after those few close calls, I decided I might be better off without em.