Faraday Motion 3D Printed eBoard

This company made an electric longboard that is 3d printed and controlled by the accelerometer in your phone. Vedder is helping as the head of motor controller/electronics which means he is part of it or they are using VESC as the ESC.



I’ve met him in person. They are just using VESC and Ben helps out. They are just friends. If they are doing anything together they might be. :smile:

Cool. It looks pretty cool. I think it uses the Onda Core as it’s deck.

You are right. We do use it for now. But we are in the process of developing something cool. Stay tuned :wink:

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What happened to Faraday Motion? Website seems to be down, are they out of business?

Yes I talked with Sune Pedersen a few months ago. Unfortunately Faraday is no more. They couldn’t get the fundings going

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