Faraday Sensored Motors are on sale

We have just put our 190kv motors on promotional sale. You can get one for 100 euro. We are using the VESC motor controllers. The motors are custom built for long life and performance based on 1 year of stress testing. This is our 3rd iteration and we feel super confident about it’s performance.

Check them out here http://shop8647.hstatic.dk/upload_dir/shop/20160906_110035.w610.h610.fill.jpg


Could we see more pictures please? Also, just to warn you, people are less likely to buy those after this thread:

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Hey, I am on the go right now. Will upload more pictures and will make a short video tomorrow with taking the motor apart. In regards to the motor design post, it is quite odd that it popped up the same day. We have been running these motors for over a year at 40km/h+ speeds. Thanks for the reference :slight_smile:

EDIT: We just came up with an idea to try and replicate the issue and film it. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Still wouldn’t take my chance getting a motor few people use. It could just be a waste of your time and money. To anyone considering buying this motor, just get a motor that has a good reputation. Enertion’s r-spec one of the best motors you can get and it is the currently $99 usd on their website.

Be smart. Buy quality and heavily reviewed parts.

We have tested the motor strength

More details here: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/beware-of-motors-with-this-common-design/9075/32

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The motor should be on a mount, then mount that to the tip of a baseball bat or something, then slam the middle of the bat shaft against a brick so the motor can experience something like landing a four foot ollie. Be sure that you have a belt pulling the motor shaft as if its properly tightened. Ya know, “real world” stuff.

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@anorak234 @jrpwit I think that thread has been proven false a handful of times. Many big names like psycho and LHB said it was totally false. It due to his cheap motor and unrealistic gearing ratio. And if I remember correctly his mount was bent / broken. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I think it is user error in combination with cheap motors.


@JLabs thanks for the info. I didn’t have an opinion on it, just wanted to simply alert Faraday

Great vid @ccostel, It may be the weak point of the design but I think you proved its strong enough to hold with a normal mount :joy:

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