Fast charger capability?

Hey, was just wondering if i can use a fast charger that came with a raptor on my pro 4 space cell. Will it damage it?

is it 42v @ 4amps? If so, it’s the exact same as the SCP4 fast charger which is fine. It can technically handle 16A of charging current (though maybe lower if the bms doesn’t support it), but the slower you charge the better it is for the longevity of the cells.

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So basically, to point out for the rest is that the space cell pro 3 fast charger can handle the space cell pro 4 cells. Which on that part is just one other parallel group charging …

I have a faster charger but I just use the standard charger and plug it in overnight.

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Will this work to ‘fast’ charge the Raptor?

36V, 4A, 5.5mm x 2.1mm


I wouldn’t buy that, seems a bit to cheap. No fan, Hmm buy it and let’s us know :stuck_out_tongue:

it says output voltage is 36v which wouldn’t work. Unless it’s a typo and it’s actually 42. It may get quite toasty too.

U need42volt I think.

that’s only 2a and unknown head

Of yea in guess he wants fast. What u mean head?

Product doesn’t specify what kind of DC head it uses.

I just bought this.

36V 42V 4A 5.5x2.1mm fast charger for $44 after shipping. Has a fan.

Should charge the Raptor in 2 hours.