Fast help, please

when I have to connect vesc to the motor I have to do it with all the lipo batteries or just one? i use 9s with three lipo

I used 3 3s lipos and connected them all when I put it together. If yours already has a firmware on it jump in.

I did not understand, do I have to or should not put them?

connect all 3, you need at least 6s to reliably run detections. You would do better to run detections with the battery you are actually going to use.

you don’t have to use any batteries to connect the vesc and the motor. but you could then connect batteries to the vesc if you want the motor to move and stuff…

your question makes no sense, i don’t know why anyone even replied…

I have to detect and set the parameters so it is obvious that I have to move the motor

The best thing to do, like @mmaner said, is to set up the battery packs like you plan to use them in your completed board, then run BLDC-Tool or VESC-Tool and do motor detection then.

When i build my custom completes, i build the whole board first. That includes installing the vescs and everything. I don’t run motor detection and load settings until its all built and powering on.

@saul What about his question didn’t make sense, and why would noone answer him? Its a simple question, easily answered, and not really deserving of that reply.


shit, if i’m getting an attitude check from you then I must have really been in a bad mood. the question has no context to me, i just gave up on answering the same questions over and over and over and over and …


I’ve had VESC-Xs reliably detect at 4S but yeah, i wouldn’t do anything under 6S anyway because you can’t really build a board with 4S and expect it to do anything but hold all that 8 gauge wire for all the current you’ll need to overcome that lame ass voltage.

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I use a small battery like 3 or 4s first time i power up. This ensures it’s less dangerous if there are any wiring faults. I also connect the USB to the vesc to make sure it’s working.

I use full battery power (the actual pack, in your case 9s) before doing detections as the voltage will affect your motor speed.

 thaks you  :)