Fast N easy way to pimp ur board

IMG_20180910_222830 IMG_20180911_161754 Had this it didn’t run and was ugly. I really like the ride though it’s a KebbeK topmount 36 and it got 10s4p Samsung 20r battery and a Meepo/China V2 esc and Meepo V2p hubs n trucks.

IMG_20190610_232946 IMG_20180913_212544

As I said ugly. I only used things I had laying around like 1 yrs old spray cans and only 60 grid sand papper. The texture is really nice but I think it’s gonna be really dirty really quick. Placed a order for a new bigger enclosure to fitt my stuff properly.

I thinks it’s better every way. I will fix shorter bolts and skip Phillips heads theyyy suuuuck.IMG_20190613_121952 IMG_20190613_162253 ![IMG_20190613_110112|236x500] (upload://qfj9sjL7OOqjJWvEqVsVgpz2g4C.jpeg) IMG_20190613_174323IMG_20190613_174340

New enclosure and new grip to go.