Fast ramping down in both directions


I have my Vescs for my robot project. I have managed to get reasonable control from them but find that the motor ramps down slowly, this is fine for a board but I would like my robot to change direction faster. Ie when i let go of the throttle i want the wheel to stop spinning quickly. Which setting on the Vesc should I change?


what sort of control are you using> Current, Duty Cycle, PID velocity?

Hi, I am using current

Go to Motor configuration->advanced->Max Current Ramp Step(under Backoff and Ramping). Increase that value until you get desired effect.

What’s your present value?

Hi, its currently set at 0.04 (max current ramp step)

Does this also results in a punchier / harder / faster acceleration?

If it’s set to 0.04 at 1Khz(1000Hz) means that at every 1/1000 sec the current can change by a max of 0.04A. So basically if you instantly command a change of 20Amps to the controller it will take 20/0.04 = 500milli second = 0.5 seconds to achieve that commanded current.

By change in Amps I mean, you could start at 0 Amps and instantly command 20 Amps or you could start at 10 A and instantly command 30A.

So it controls how fast you reach your desired current(in effect acceleration on flat ground).


Did it help?


I selected duty cycle, and now the ramping is much more aggressive, thanks!