FatBoy 35º Riser adapter for Trampa/MBS/Longboard

So finally risers are available to buy :slight_smile:






Price: 150€ + (VAT if applicable) + Shipping


For 2 or just 1?

a set (2 pieces) :slight_smile:

Are these welded?

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Yes, solid weld :slight_smile: No way you will break it :slight_smile:

Looks like you’ll just about to still adjust the trucks on the fly too. Cool stuff If I wasn’t already committed to a certain off road board company I would be buying your whole shop!!

Haha something is coming up to for that brand too pretty soon :wink:

Don’t tell me that!! Now I’m all excited.

Was going to back out but now i’m thinking of having it delivered straight to you to weave your magic lol

These for drop through decks would have been nice.


That’s what I’m trying to have made by a buddy at work.

What is this made out of? The wedge is solid stock correct? i would think so because of the plug welds on the plates. how much does one weigh?

It’s made out of 3 pieces which were CNC from stock sheet and wielded together. Its around 200-300g don’t have exact number at hand

Is it steel or aluminum? If aluminum what grade? Would you be willing to share a 3d model or 2d side view? Want to make sure it has enough lift for my project.

Its aluminum about grade at the moment can’t tell but its hard one, which dimension do you need?

finally, order placed thank you!!!

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Risers back in stock :slight_smile:


I wonder if mounting these on trampa would allow regular trucks to work?

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Risers back in stock

Would yoube able to share the 3d model of this. I’d like to make one for my board