Fatboy Custom Surfrodz Style Hangars! Gauging Interest

Guaging interest for @kug3lis custom hangars that will be compatible with Caliber or Surfrodz mounts! You can use these with any build that uses those mounts and won’t be limited to their gear drives :smile:

These are basically similar to the caliber style hangars section but posses the geometry of SR trucks in the king pin, kingpin location and axles allowing them to fit just like a standard SR truck with the corresponding SR base plate.


I’ve put together a Google form that you can fill up. Sorry if its missing a few things as its my first time putting an interest post together and using Google forms :sweat_smile: but I think these would be worth the effort for!

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Pictures or it never happens lol

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If @kug3lis can put out a prototype it would be something I’d like to see as well :sweat_smile:

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Well it would be looking same, just difference in geometry and kingpin bushing seat…



Thats the best you’re going to get out of @kug3lis right now @j0ker3366 so just use your imagination for now :laughing:


Well we would need to buy a truck to measure it out, update design and etc so if there is not enough people it would be wasteful as design/machining/truck cost time and money.


@eboosted @Colson003 @deckoz @Sender(recall you interested? :grin:) helping out get these going as I’ve now got some SRs and would like to maximize the percision goodness from those baseplates :blush: I feel like I’ve joined a SR club cause I expect great things from these haha

@mmaner might be interested as well maybe?

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I’ve allready figured out how to do it with standard SR TKPs, just waiting on parts at this point.


You’ve gotten around mounting your gear drives on the TKPs? How’d you go about that? Will there be a build update I should watch out for? :smile:

No, I’ve forgured how to build a gear drive train for SR TKPs. I’ve got most of the items, just waiting in beatings. Yep, I’ll post when I get it done.


I can send you a 200mm hanger got from those fuckers with Strip thread so the axle does not screw in brand new they never Responded to my email about fixing the issue or sending me a new one so if you can but it to use and make something useful why not


Someone’s tired. Lol Take it you are not receiving the desired customer service my friend?

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Yes I’m waiting for my dad to beat me too

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Kinky Always thought you were more of a giver.

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I’ll buy two thanks

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Let me know if anyone’s having trouble accessing the Google Form so it would help us track the number of interested orders :smile:

I’m guessing its me and @topcloud who are interested? No responses on the google form yet :disappointed_relieved:

if you can convince Tony Stark to make a 220mm wide Avenue hanger, I think you’d reach 20 in a matter of hours.

Hell bud, I’d buy four (4) of those immediately :sunglasses:

and thanks for driving positive esk8 change, bud. respect.

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Thanks. I think these are worth putting development and production into. Maybe I’m just getting too excited for these that I’m rushing it :laughing:

You may just have given @kug3lis another idea for a different truck design lol

ps @Kug3lis I’ll happily cover the price of Avenue or Surf Rodz trucks & have them shipped to you on behalf of the community, if you build these for the community.

We watched your truck test on Instagram; you guys are the real deal. Appreciate you.