FatBoy Mini Drive Train 1:3

Hi guys, as many people were asking about smaller wheels like (125mm) for direct drive, after spending some time on the design we finally have something to offer.

Some initial specs:

  • ~90mm diameter of case
  • 3:1 gear ratio
  • Outer gear style
  • Motor gear in aluminium 7075 T6 coated with a hard surface or something similar don’t know the name.
  • Wheel gear machined from POM plastic.
  • Should fit mini hanger from Trampa with small filing one surface.


Yess!! :star_struck:

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Something like this coating?

I don’t know what it is as I didn’t asked, but you can see in my inner gear pictures how it’s different color, after riding not a single scratch on the surfice

Sorry @Kug3lis I’ve change the title, I think gears drive and direct drive are two different system and since your system is base upon a reduction it can’t be call direct drive


Then tell that to everyone who uses this title :slight_smile:

Yeah it is a misconception that alots of peopke have

On this forum context direct drive means, motor power is transferred directly by gears to wheel, then instead of belt or etc


Dude if designed something like this I’d call it whatever I wanted

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You have to live in reality


If you don’t like it just move forward :wink:

I guess I’m just an A**hole

My point was just to name thing for what they are and not what we wish they are. And start educating people on real term, I know Jenso Call is drive “Direct Drive” but it isn’t right neither, and now when you talk about hub everyone is confuse.


@JohnnyMeduse @Kug3lis
Would you two please stop your bickering and stop the flag wars This is getting ridiculous.


Dude…someone seriously flagged my post? I sometimes forget that this forum is a form of social media…thanks for the reminder

Oh man. Just when I was about to spend my money elsewhere. I guess I’m back to a holding pattern for a while. Just as well my battery build is taking longer than expected.

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I guess everyone is emotionally unstable this weekend lol!


There has been so much salt on this forum lately. Anyone gotta glass of water?


guys coming from hubs want a carvon to be a direct drive… guys coming from belts and chains want a gear directly driving the wheel to be a direct drive.

And wikipedia is hardly “evidence” the page was edited a few weeks ago and not that long ago I thought I remembered reading the same page and it said something else…

maybe we all need to imagine?

Im pretty sure that direct drive means direct transfer of the motor revs. Note NO gearbox. By that definition carvon IS a direct drive, as it is just a hubmotor…

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I’d say carvon is a direct drive and not a hub-motor as the motor is not the wheel hub… and I had previously asked Jenso about why he called his gear box a direct drive and he flicked me up a page referencing his perspective… And I respect him enough to move on.

At this point we can argue semantics of drive systems or if it should be eMTB or… it don’t really matter unless you are a keyboard warrior looking for conflict (no dis-respect Dan, just making a point).

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