FatBoy Mini Urethane Gear Drive 1:(2.8, 2.6, 2.4)

Count me in too! I’m guessing all we would need after buything this is a baseplate for the hanger ?

Edit: and this has probably been ask to death but would just needs confirmation with this new doesn’t , would Standard Caliber 2 trucks work if dual 6355 is used ?

Any news on whene the groupbuy will start and when shipment will be made? And a estimated group buy price?

Yes, either you can buy from sickboards or just get whole truck.

6355 fits only on tb218 caliber hanger is way too small…

We are ready for almost right now but at the moment it’s bad time as you can see forums has slown down… About deliver time I can’t yet tell exactly but I wouldn’t expect longer than 1,5 month

About the price is not 100% decided but you can check previous post for some references as it will be somewhere in those brackets


Ground clearance at the moment is 13mm with 107mm wheels

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Some update regarding prices and some surprise news :smiley:

So we will be going to make a group buy sometime in September for this gear drive minimum quantity required is 20 kits.

  • Group buy prices would be 300€ gear drive + 100€ for the hanger (230mm or 240mm version)
  • Hanger by itself will be also available (230mm or 240mm) 100€

There is a possibility to get several kits right now but the price for the kit would be 450€

After 50 message request from many people like @Eboosted @Colson003 @Deckoz and others, we finally tried to adapt our gear drive to SurfRodz hangers but the problem is not enough aluminium to mount it on. So after spending several days tinkering and etc and some messages from people talking about different baseplate compatible hanger we got idea to “clone” SurfRodz hanger geometry and make it wider same as FB230 (FB240) which would be compatible with selected SurfRodz baseplate, just one requirement we would need at least 20 people ordering this hanger, it would be compatible with our all TB218 style drives and all other motor mounts for caliber style hanger and etc :slight_smile:


Is 240 needed for 6374 motor? 230 or 240 for this? Eskating-Sealed-6374-Motor-Drawing-570x570

230 is enough for 6374

What’s the reason with the 240?

Just because we can? :smiley: I would prefer 240 in the back it would make it more stable for higher speeds :slight_smile:


More than enough reason for me lol

What price point are we looking at for the SR hangars btw? I’m just checking if my current magnum and canon bushings will be compatible with SR trucks, otherwise I’d be real interested in joining a GB for it :smile:

The price should be pretty similar to our caliber based hanger, as just its bit different

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Alright cool. I’ll get back to you on joining in but I’m really interested!

Just another question. Are these hangars based upon the RKP or the TKP SRs?

Not yet decided and no design was made for them, we just checking if anybody would be interested :wink:

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Super interested please push through with thiis!!

Damnit @kug3lis you keep making that hole in my wallet bigger and bigger lol but thank you really. I lean more on RKPs but others really like the TKPs for the carving so some things you could add in to consider(unless you already have :smile:)

Hey wait a minute. Given same dimensions, steel is stronger than titanium. Titanium is lighter, and has some other nice properties, but is a lot more expensive as well.

Are you perhaps saying that, in the form you want, commonly available alloys of titanium are stronger than commonly available alloys of steel?

This just means TB218’s choice of steel type was not optimal?

BTW this thread is very sexy :slight_smile:


Yes, there are some steel types which can concur titanium in this case, but most of them are rusting and etc we decided that titanium will be good combination :slight_smile: Plus titanium flexes but not bends

Price point not much differs then ordering big quantity :slight_smile:


If you did the SZ based on the TKP wouldn’t it be a lot less than €100? You don’t need to machine the bushing seat, just the hanger.

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If TKP then yes it would be cheaper :slight_smile: