FatBoy Solid Core Hub

Another product in design at the moment is solid CNC aluminium machined wheel hub.



Oh boy this will be expensive shit :joy::sunglasses:


the bearing tollerances on my trampa hubs leave something to be desired…

one or two piece dude?

keeping up with this one :sunglasses:


Ooooohhh would these possibly work with your 3:1 drive system?

The real question is where are you acquiring the urethane… :wink:

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@Cobber two pieces you can’t put tire on top of it I guess I am not sure

@ATLesk8 yes, it would

@Deckoz There wasn’t mention of urethane :smiley:


I know… Lol been contemplating pouring my own :confused:

cool, levering such a small tire on would be a PITA

have you chosen the material grade yet?

It’s more the case that plastic ones are really not balanced and gear is bit moving around on it so to make it perfect the full aluminum wheel comes on.

@Cobber I don’t know yet nothing but I guess maybe 7075 T6

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P.S. It would work with every drive train system we have :wink:


Are you going to spec. your own bearings for reference or run with the stock Trampa ones? Do you think they could be part of the problem with the poor stock Trampa fit?

Will the hub be counter weighted for the valve stem?

I don’t know yet, but I think stock trampa ones will do perfectly as not the bearings are problem :wink:

I would have made it a 2 part one if i were you… Much easier to get the tire on/off

Like I said two pieces because I can’t imagine putting tire on single peace :slight_smile:

Oh, didn’t see that. Yeah, putting a tire on a single one i a PIA

Any idea on the finish @Kug3lis?

raw, anodized… colours?

We have talked about it, as the colors in place where we anodize them is pretty inconsistent so we thought about raw, black, or silver like inner gear drive train motor pulley it would make it scratch proof too and would look sick :slight_smile:

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Awesome :dark_sunglasses:


Always a lot of alloy used in wheel building, nice superstarstyling there

Like someone said, this is gonna be expensive. Even in that Lithuanian workshop your father has :slight_smile:

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