FatBoy Sparky Switch 300A 60V Anti-Spark Switch

Some updated information regarding the switch, we have done some testing and decided that even at low currents like 50A constant heat-sink is required so we are making a aluminum case there MOSFET will sit inside and PCB will cover it.

The price will be 70 eur + VAT + Shipping.

It will be available in 1-2 Weeks ordered new PCB today.


For the Spark Switch , I saw someone sale it with IRFS7530 MOSFET and someone sale it with IRFS7730. which is best for use?

They are all too small for this application :wink:

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Thanks. good to know it. For the MOSFET of your Sparky switch, is it SOT-227 ?

It’s mosfet in SOT-227 package


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Just curious what voltage this was at?

10S didn’t have other batteries available, but it should work same with 12s and 14s

Was just trying to get a ballpark for the wattage passing through. Thanks…

50a aint much… I want you to crush this dude! (@Kug3lis) 50a is like last years tech…

quote in total, 50a is not fat, it is not that much.

put another way: a 300a esc that can only do 50a… is not that much

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I said 50A needs heatsink not that it handles that much maximum :wink:

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What mosfet are you using exactly? I would try to find the one within desired Voltage&Amp ratings and lowest possible drain to sourece resistance [Rds on], that should keep temps as low as possible.

I have already found one :wink: and calculated everything required for it :slight_smile:

Just received mosfets :slight_smile:


where can you buy fuses?

Mouser/Digikey any electronics store :wink:

Today received the PCB and probably tomorrow the parts so I guess early next week it will be available to buy early version


Looks incredible!

How much will it be in the states?

70 eur + Shipping

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Finally it is available to buy