Fault code drv8302: Motor wont spin and red LED flashing

just search vesc beginner guide on the search bar. Literally search whatever comes to mind Things I’ve typed: “Motor amps for peak performance” “battery max” “will I blow my vesc”

whatever is on your mind, then read read read and ask questions. Lots of knowledgeable guys you can run to on here. the higher their reading time the more helpful they likely are. People with multiple build ++++. Trusted Vendors +++


Nice informative thread right here: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/new-vesc-user-read-this-complete-walktrough-of-the-vesc/2980

and heres the video everyone will show you, its a staple :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HLZaMcYRuY

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Thanks a lot, both of you!


additionally, if it helps, I ran my hubs with FOC but it was sensorless… could be a reason your chip ate it…

also 53 for maximum input voltage isnt proper, its supposed to be 57… I cant explain why but Ive seen multiple people who say its not a good setting to touch…

maybe next time you setup the vesc go small and work your way up ( first dial bldc settings in, make sure it works, then move on to FOC )

make sure you change not only the stuff in the FOC tab but also under the app configuration make sure you take care of all the stuff like control mode and what not

I try my best :slight_smile: good luck man feel free to pm with any questions :slight_smile:

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yup @nordlicht feel free to pm!

Did you check the 5v rail? is there anything getting hot on the board (e.g. the TVS diode near the ppm input), that rail should be close to 5v +/- 0,1v. above or below that the drv will give errors, but USB still works (uC works of 3v3)

I’m running FOC on HW4.12, is there a way to set limits to avoid this? What about sensored BLDC?

There not so much solution apart avoid using more than 8S voltage I would say (for a reliable VESC I mean, there is always someone who succeeded running a couple of seconds a 80100 with 13S in FOC with Maytech VESC…). I would advice you to switch to BLDC mode with those VESC.

Gonna give the sensored BLDC a shot. Is there a good vesc6 out that can run FOC reliably on 12s?


probably your only option…

The price to replace my two TB ESC’s, the price has got to come down on these.


hopefully FOCBOX unity gets released soon

yeah… something something frank… lol.

maybe stick with dual focboxes and put them in @Kug3lis s case? It seems to do a good job… I havnt recieved mine yet though. Im just relaying what ive been told :slight_smile: