Fault code drv8302: Motor wont spin and red LED flashing

Hi, I was about to finish my build and spun the motor at full throttle without load, than it suddenly stopped. The BLDC tool gave me the fault code DRV8302. This is the controller chip. Is the Controller dead now?

Those are the configurations. Did I screw up? Is this a known error? Would soldering a new chip help?


Not sure about your settings but you will need to replace the chip talk to this guy @JohnnyMeduse

I’m at a uni and can infrared solder it myself. The question is if the DRV is REALLY the issue and how that issue started. I never even use the board on the ground.

If the red led flashes three times on the VESC when you use the throttle then it is a DRV error. I would still talk to @JohnnyMeduse and he can help you diagnose your problem even if you don’t want him to fix it.

FOC + no load + full throttle = DRV killer on HW4.12. What kind of VESC is it ?

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I think it IS 4.12, but how can I be sure? Just checked my order from diyelectricskateboard and it doesn’t say it there :confused:

Edit: Its written on the board it self, it is 4.12. My nerfes are zero right now :frowning: So the DRV is toast? Will it be repaired if I solder a new one in?

That MIGHT be the only thing toast but it is possible a lot of other components are toast as well on the board. Did you go directly from neutral to full throttle? The key to not killing the vesc(without load) is gradually easing into full throttle when on the bench. Going directly into full delivers too many amps at once and fries the drv and maybe other things. On bench, the motor is able to go to full speed in about 20-30% of throttle as opposed to the full range when under load.

Bottom line: DRV is definitely toast, Inspect other components, Ease into throttle next time.

did you even measure R and L and lambda?

doesnt look like that… i ran dual foc with TB vescs and i had no problem with it… maybe thats where u went wrong?

also if the vesc isnt tucked away send a picture of the long rectangular chip on its pcb

I did measure it all through, but thanks for the hint! I’m using Torque board HUBs, maybe thats why the values look different?

I’m running dual motor setup and the other controller is luckily fine. I just had my first test ride and had super low torque, I drove like 3km/h. Back on the bench am I able to hold the wheel with my bare hands (and not too much effort). Battery amps stay low, motor amps go up high, but there is no real torque. Any clue why?

You shouldn’t set your VESC up with FOC using a HW4.12 Resolder a new DRV, switch to BLDC and (hopefully) you’ll be good.

I switched to FOC because with BLDC did the tool not find the hall sensors. Can you give me some insight on why not to use FOC except this full throttle without load thing?

I mean you can, a lot of people run it. I know @mmaner has hundreds of miles on his. You just need ackmaniac firmware and a gentle curve to limit input of amps into vesc.

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Yes, you can. But here is the exemple why you shouldn’t. Up to you.

well as to why your motors lacked umph, 20a motor max is really low, I was running 50A motor max on a dual setup for each, and 20a for batt max

with a space cell pro 4, ymmv based on your battery

Looking at his values I don’t think he studied enough about the bldc tool to use it TBH. @nordlicht try @Ackmaniac VESC tool. It has wizards that can guide you through all you have to set up to get it working. Also study study study. 9h read time is actually quite low.

WHat do you mean by motor detection? detection of the parameters for FOC and hall sensor detection? yes I did, or do you talk about something different?

Alright, just downloaded the VESC tool from Ackmaniac. You got recommendations where to start reading?

i remember that between the help on here and myself, I wouldnt allow myself to change anything on the vesc until I had watched that long vesc setup tutorial and read :laughing:

oh hell yeah. I watched a dozen vesc setups

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ignore that comment im a boob.

edit ill find the video for you to watch, its full of the kind of basic knowledge you may( or may not) need :slight_smile: