Fault LED (red) blinks on FOCBOX but

… but when trying to read the fault code on the VESC tool under terminal -> print faults it just returns “no faults registered since startup”. You got clues?

check your battery cutt off voltages

Post pictures of your settings. Also, how many times does it blink and does it stop or just blinks all the time?

3 blinks, pause, 3 blinks pause. I’ll check battery voltage soon and give pictures

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Things is I never made it over the FOC config in the Wizard. I thought it’s because of this fault code, but the values I’m getting are also really odd. Current voltage is 49V, running 12S

Open real time data panel it show error or etc I probably guess it’s motor temp sensor or etc had same issues but it was related that older focbox had wrong pinout label on the case… So fck motor sensor board…

fault So it sais it has no fault. But the fault LED keeps blinking. What is happening? Edit: NVM, why do I see no data?

You have to enable real time data on the right side of the window.

drv Fuck. A broken DRV was the reason I switched from VESCs to FOC Boxes. My motors are Torque 130KV HUBs. Chances are high my motor are somehow killing the controller right?

Well you motor brake is very low and your battery regen is very high for li-ion. I think I have my max duty cycle at 85% where your’s is at 95% I would say it has to do with the duty cycle because if you look just after 10 seconds they are off the charts you are probably throwing too many erpm’s at it.

Disable you motor temps… the reading is completely wrong and could throw a false error.



Ok @JohnnyMeduse that sounds like a solid idea, but I dont know how to disable my motor temperature. I tried:

  • removing the cable (and he still reads the same value)
  • realtime data -> Temperature -> untick “Motor”, but he still reads the value (its flickering intense) for T Motor.

How to disable it?

Hey it might be that it sounds stupid, but I have no idea how to disable the motor temps. Highly appreciate help here!