Fault on ESC then board wont turn on anymore

I have a custom build with flipsky esc and flipsky motor

3s2p battery 36volt setup with motor: 42.5 / -65.0 and Battery 30.0 / -10.0

Long story short i went riding, with 100% full battery. I was cruising at 17mph (board can do 22ish) then after 2 miles i tossed an error on xmatic and turned off.

It’s a loop switch so there really is no on or off.

but even pressing the battery level button (which is hard wired to battery) nothing came on.

Not until i plugged it into charger and then immediately it comes on, literally as soon as i plug into charger port. Battery showed 80%

any thoughts or ideas?

Sounds like you ran the battery dead. What cells are you using

It may be worth posting on https://forum./ as that’s where the majority hang out these days. Personally I’m unsure of what your problem may be.