Faulty items and bad service from diyelectric skateboards

hi guys, just want to share with all of you a really important bad expiriance i am having with dexter from diyelectric skateboard. i have made order over the time from him for over then 800$USD. i purchase the welded motor mount kit he advised me to and used it for 2 month’s. just to make it clear- im riding very come and very slow i dont do anything extremy. after so littly time the motor mount just broke, it had big nasty crack in it. besides the fact this kit is unsafe and it could seriously injured me. dexter service is just thw worst i have had, he just ingore my massages and never offered alternative or solution. be aware , i wont buy from him again. picture: https://s21.postimg.org/59nd0xhaf/crack.jpg

Post more pics of your board?

Did you chat w/ him online via his chat function on his site? He can be slow responding via email, but is pretty easy to reach via chat.

I understand your frustration, but i’m not 100% sure without seeing how beat up the board is. Those marks on the left side of the mount (by motor) look pretty much like impact - which i might understand he’d not warranty.

Hey Bruh, sorry to hear about your experience!

However, did you have the belt too tight? I agree with @sl33py post more pics of the board. Also metal can get weak from the heat created during welding.

Many of these DIY kits do not come with a warranty for a reason… things can go out lol

The crappy experience is something you will have to work through, but at least you have a chance to learn a few things here? Good luck and stay safe out there brother man

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replay to sl33py comment- i have chat with him for few minutes on the 19/9/2016 i have told him on the chat i have issue with hes kit, he replied , but in the moment i said i have issue and sent him the picture he stop replay and from since then i have sent him multiplie massages and emails and hes ignoreing me. as mentioned before, i skate it very easy and do not do extrem, did not get any hit .

replay to sharkface - belt wasn’t to tight i never had to change the belt.

besides the dispoinment from the money spent for crapy item broke so fast, i could be seriously injured , and by ignoring and even not replayin he just made it worse. i had so many issues with this guy over the time , never had smooth purchases from him.

hes advises discover to be bad and im really sorry i have purchase from him.

4 exmaples of bad selling service with him- 1

  1. when i purchase this kit i had ling around helicopter esc, i have ask for him advise if id work for me. hes said it would and i was end up waiting 6 month’s becuase i stuck with none working setup.
  2. i puchase another kit and wanted to get it fast, i asked him to use dhl on my account (i pay) and even then when all he had to do is calling them to come pick it up from him and traspot to me. he make dificulties and i end up waiting a month or more he end up sending with post service.
  3. i got from him a bad fualty wiiciver 4.hes sent to me a esc with fualty firmwire

over the time i had so many faulty bad expiriance with this guy- 1,2 times can be just bad luck. but so many- its just a bunch of bad products and bad service hes offering, so its important a new skater which would like to build a setup get all the info he can.

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strange, I’ve usually heard @torqueboards has awesome service. I have tagged him here, maybe he will chime in.

Complaining because I didn’t contact you in 30 minutes.

Give me a break. You can contact me at any point and re-contact me if you need immediate assistance. I don’t ignore you on purpose. You know my email. You know how to get a hold of me.


wev chated on the 19.9.16 , after i sent you the masages/ picture you stop responding, i have sent again massage on the 21.9.16 - you didn’t respond, i have sent email on the 22.9.16 - no respond again check your self before you respond, do you want screenshots?

I had the same thing happen, and Dexter sent out a new v4 mount within a week.

Just email him, show him what happened, and it’ll all get taken care of. He’s a single man running the whole show, so cut him some slack…

Looks to me like you’ve hit the mount before. Not so easy riding all the time IMO

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Are you joking?? you consider that a hit? That mount is joke if it cant withstand that tiny “hit”. I have had the same experience with TB. I broke every mount he ever sent me as well as every other mount i purchased from other of these so called veterans. In total 8 mounts. 4 of the kind above and 4 of the v3 bolt on mount all broken in similar locations. He will usually deny any fault of his mount. I have gone through much ignoring after each incident. Eventually if you catch him and annoy him long enough while hes ignoring you he will send the replacement. Eventually all my mounts were replaced. I have since decided to make my own mount with a much better construction from steel.

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Well thats why it cant take a hit then lol. Didn’t see that hole there. Shitty design then probably why they have a v4

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IMO, TB’s v4 mounts aren’t that great either. The screws are made of bubble gum, he give you pieces of heat shrink to mount the loose fitting clamp on to the truck (wtf?), the belt adjustment range on the motor plate is so large that it just weaken the entire motor plate. I could go on about the things I disliked about the mount. It’s just really poorly thought out design. I can almost guarantee TB doesn’t have real engineering experience. He’s just a good salesman.


your opinion mate, plenty of people using them with no problems.

Jason at Enertion isn’t a formal engineer either, but he’s designed some insane stuff in addition to being a good sales man- dexter is the same way.

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Given the level of service that people have posted about in regards to diyelectric, I would give him the benefit of the doubt. We’re not talking huge companies with 24-7 staff here. So having wait times are expected. It could be as simple as, I gotta go run and pick up my kid from school. I’ll respond when I get back or in the AM.

ive just brought some stuff from him and his service was great, he must be sick of me by now with how much i contact him. Dont bother with email or else you will just about never get a hold of Dexter. Use the chat and he is there most of the time even though im on the other side of the world from him i can still contact him with ease. As for quality, the only things i havent like are the trucks and bearings, both pretty average in my opinion.

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Most of those issues are due to bolt holes which shouldn’t be there. Since then we haven’t had any issues with anyone breaking any motor mounts. Most of all the issues and features are due to trying to provide the most flexible design possible but of course as time has continued it was more of a downside so we made it simpler and more durable.

All our current parts are all now made in 7075 Mil Spec Aluminum and without the bolt holes.

DIYES is here to stay. If your unhappy about something let us know. Of course, I don’t want you to be unhappy about something. In the end, riding your board is the fun part and we would rather you experience it too.


those forums are here to share everything, the good and the bad - i didn’t wrote those threads to hurt him or anybody. i have spent so much money on hes store, and honestly i had bad expriance in the whole porcess, he gave me hard time on the purchase, on shipment and later on when i needed hes help, im not the person which will spam hes email/ chat . on the 21th i have wrote to him on chat and explained the issue im having, then he ask me about my order ID, (thats was hes last and only respond) i immidately respond and from this moment on… he didnt respond to my msaasges and my emails. may be i delirious , but thats how you ignore some one.

i gave him 8 days to respond , i think its more then enough. he dont feel responsible for the lack in hes service/ products - he is sure hes doing everything like a charm. we spoke today again and suddenly he was responding, and blaming me for sharing my expiriance on the net , in our conversation - its my fualt the mount snaped, its my fualt he didnt respond, and its surly my resposibily, to short it out. i can see whey its harm when some one leaves you bad feedback, im runing a business also, it does piss, but when ever i have issues with costumer , i make sure to respond in 2 days max. and even if got a bad feedback its still my responsibilty as a seller to solve the problem. i honestly got the feeling hes ignoreing me and trying to avoid to offer a solution - its simple as that.

I’m actually pretty happy with DIYelekctricskateboards @torqueboards so far. I had 2 orders placed with them so far - 1 order for a VESC and mini remote and second order for 3 enclosures and 2 more VESCs. The orders were shipped quite promptly, within 3-5 days. 2 of the VESCs work excellent, no issues so far. I haven’t tried the third one yet. The enclosures look excellent. Here is my and my son’s latest builds: