FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)

Hey guys! Since a while I decided to develop a bit in the remote section and endet up with the FEATHER REMOTE.


As @DroidSector decided to go with the TOGO board, I ll stay on the FEATHER M0 RFM69. Two different ways… I think its great, it gives the community more choices and everyone can use the remote with his own preferences.

I put a lot of work onto the code and now can say its stable enough for daily rides. I used the remote now for month and had NEVER any problem with it. I programmed a lot of DEBUG code on the remote to check the connection while riding and I am happy with the results. I never had any issues with the remote from interferences… not down town, not at places with thousands of peoples…

I focused a lot on the safety and stability features… special the ESTOP feature on lost connections (I never had one, but u can try it while switching off the remote while riding…) worked awesome. I am also very happy with the “encryption key” handling. Works super smooth and its super safe.

I also tried the different GUI from @DroidSector. It looks super cool, but I think its not that perfect for such a small screen… I ll stay on my clunky big numbers screen. Also because I am not good in designing good looking screen :slight_smile:

Here are some features:

  • 0.96inch OLED with 128x64 with high frequently display update rate to have smooth and accurate informations (every 60ms)
  • join settings menu with 5 seconds press on extra button or hold trigger on start up
  • trigger can be used as DEADMAN-Switch or CUISE-Control
  • vibration feature (Alarm on low battery from Board, Remote battery…)
  • extra button to switch between 3 different main Screens
    • Speed, Distance, Voltage
    • Voltage, Motor amps, Battery amps
    • DEBUG RSSI, cycle time, failed transmissions
  • headlight integration by pushing the extra button for 2 seconds
  • over 16 updates per seconds from throttle position to PWM output (every 60ms)
  • pair up to 200 boards with unique ID
    • one remote will handle all boards by selection the board ID from settings menu

Safety Features:

  • automatic generated 16 bytes encryption key (15 bytes for unique key and 16th byte for board selection)
    • after first tun on from remote, it will generate a random 15 byte key
    • every new receiver can be paired from settings menu with the new key and board ID (after first connect, u have to switch on and off the board to acknowledge the new pairing)
  • ESTOP automatic slow down until stop - more than 450ms no new values from remote will force the receiver into ESTOPMODE and slow down the trigger value every 50ms by 2/4 (soft/hard) until it reaches 25% break trigger to stop the board safe
    • ESTOP will armed automatically after first valid transmission between remote and receiver
  • priority transmission handling! Deactivating display refresh and UART pull if no valid transmission is received until
    • ESTOPMODE is triggered, then display is refreshing again for analysing error
  • break light integration with adaptive flash warning
    • if trigger is under middle position the break light will be bright
    • if trigger is close to full break position the break light will flash
  • different riding modes for beginners | intermediate | pros
    • trigger value will be attached to 50% | 75% | 100%
  • police mode
    • Trigger value will be cut of at 25%, can be unlocked with button press combination



Here are some pictures of the current status: The PCB for a nice clean build with JST-PH connections (I ll replace them in the next order with JST-ZH plugs)




The remote also got some bearings inside for a smoother run. I am not a big fan of the plastic slide style…



FeatherRemoteBasic Receiver V0.1: FeatherReceiverBasicWiring

FeatherRemoteAdvanced Receiver V0.1: FeatherReceiverAdvancedWiring

Side project…

I am also working on an super super small SMD PCB to convert every remote to an SMART remote. And yes… its fucking small… 25x32mm with JST connection for all u need… close to finish, but need some testing of course :wink:


So I u have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. I ll sell one two or three remotes with receivers before I ll release anything to make sure everything works perfect. Its special interesting for people who riding more then one board frequently and want to use the same remote all the time.

Keep calm and eat :hamburger:


Really promising stuff! Can’t wait to see where this ends up. :sunglasses: +1 on the beta testing with the new unity


This is the remote I’ve been waiting for… Very nicely done!

If you need any beta testers to give one some abuse, I generally find a way to ride that breaks most stuff.


I like that you used JST instead of headers and/or directly soldering the pins, makes things easily modular and replaceable!

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I freaking want one :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: are you planning to sell it, as a complete DIY kit ?


Lol police mode :smile:


Love this. Let me know if you want beta test in the U.K. brilliant.

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Cannot wait until I can buy a few of these off of you. Stoked about this remote.


I’d love to test this

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Amazing job man I will love to test it :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Nice remote, I really like the police mode!

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How do the lighting features work?


last week I was at Stefan’s house and I tested the remote in person. I can confirm that it has a very good ergo-fit, better than the Firefly as it is smaller. What I liked the most is the debug feature, it’s the only remote I know that tells you if there where any connection problems. The ball bearings make it also super smooth.

I’m definitely gonna use it in my personal HAYA board. Super stoked to mount it as soon as my board arrives :smiley:


@bevilacqua Aye man! I am looking forward to to place the new receiver PCB into our beautiful deck! And of course I ll order one from u :sweat_smile: take my money :hugs:

@Grolletje there will be some components not he receiver PCB to take care of this. The code is already done and working nicely. I tested it on breadboard with some small LEDs. The total power of headlight and backlight is 36W. Should be enough for a bright night!
The PCB is also here, but I am still missing some components. On the board is an 42V to 12V regulator capable of 3A current. U can connect parallel to your VESC over screw terminals and drains directly from the battery…

There will be an “easy” board available with no features except of capacitors and a reset button to reset the address (and of course the JST connector!) and an advanced board with the 12V regulator, headlight, breaklight and buzzer IMG_7172 .

@dougpage I live in Germany, the only country in the entire world where rules existing for small electric vehicles :smile:

@Silverline yes, I think there will be an diy kit available. BUT I ll send the FEATHER M0 precoded. I don’t want to free the code for now. Maybe in the future.

@all I ll go on with the finish developing this week. I ordert some FEATHERS and will choose 3 testers of the end of the week. 1 in US and 2 in Europe. The price will be 100euro for a set (including everything!). U ll get the money back if u think the thing is shit and u don’t like it.


Put me up for first “tester” in Australia :wink:

It looks fantastic!


In order to see the settings feature you will need a BT module right. I didn’t see anything about it but just want to clear that up.


@briman05 no, i don’t need a bluetooth module… just connect the the JST 5 pin plug to your VESC and go for it.

The settings will be changed at the remote itself in a simple settings menu and the remote will transmit the settings to the receiver via the build in RFM69 module.

Can we expect to see video’s of it in action? It sounds wonderful and i know that i would really love to see it develop and see it in its current state


If @bevilacqua will bring his board here within the next week I guess we ll make a video for u. :grinning:


@StefanMe I’m in the US…:grinning:

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