Feedback on battery build

Hey guys, I’m looking for feedback on my first li-ion battery build. It’s a 10S3P using Sony VTC6 cells. Using a SU Power 60A BMS.

Also I was very happy with my spot welder! I first messed around with a Sunkko but that thing sucks. Bad welds, blowing out the house breakers. Now using a K Weld. That thing is insane! Works so well. ( )

I have thought of a few points of improvement myself already.

  • Cutting away the corners on the positive tab to keep the sharp corner from poking into the negative part and causing a short.
  • Cleaning up the balance wires to keep them from rubbing.







Fishpaper under the balance wires. The bms just sitting on the cells or there is some isolation inbetween?

Double-sided foam tape under the BMS. Did I do well? :wink: Haha

Did you put fish paper between the p groups?

You mean between the packs, here? IMG_20180929_113417__01

I used double-sided foam tape. Haven’t used fish paper anywhere. Wasn’t aware of it’s existence and use. :slight_smile:

Foam can get cut due to vibrations over time. Better use a sheet of fishpaper under the foam.

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