Fellow Berliners

I just wanted to know which one of you is also based in Berlin and wants to go on a group ride :slight_smile: Would be cool if we could all organize together, maybe also manage to do some group buys.

So let me know if youre in town!

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@Jamy @fabpin @aikokami @trampa @ccostel @whitepony

Guys! I picked you up on other threads when searching for Berlin :slight_smile: You still in town and down for some christmas time esk8ing?

Lets get together?

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Where would you go for a winter ride? I’m away from 15 Dec until 8 Jan. So before or after works for me :slight_smile:

Hi i live near Berlin and i looking for other eboarder.

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Looking for some peeps in Munich!!!

Hey, I live in rostock actually. Also I’m still waiting for my raptor 2. I’ll be in Berlin and no plans yet for the 22 and could bring my non electric longboard. Tell me if you wanna meet Cheers Fabian

Ok lets do after the 8th? Sounds good! I think Tempelhof is definitely the coolest place in town but freezing cold at this time of the year.

Hey Fabian,

Unfortunately I am already gone on the 22nd but maybe you wanna join @Jamy and me for a ride after the 8th of january?

A lot on the boil… If there is a date for a ride, I’ll try to join.


I’ve been temted to go to Kienberg Park as it has a hill and according to google earth a good amount of paved paths. Tempelhof is great, but a bit boring after a while and there’s not really anywhere else to ride closeby so you’re stuck to the park. I’ve also driven around in Gleisdreieck park a little bit. But with the recent crackdowns on electric vehicles in Berlin I’d want to avoid being too close to the city center as there’s always a lot of cops around. I also wouldn’t be opposed to go all the way down to Potsdam if there are any good parks around to skate in :slight_smile:

Skate by night during the summer was also a lot of fun, until we got kicked off by a cop >_>

What happened next? :grinning:

I live right next to Park am Gleisdreieck and gotta say its a paradise for esk8ing :slight_smile: as long as its not wet of course

Most likely more fun than Tempelhof

The police officer on his motorbike just said I should go to the sidewalk and then he drove off. So luckily nothing, but probably because he was busy kicking everybody else off… It was one of the scarier moments because I know it could have been much worse :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Frank,

It would be great if you join the ride.

@florensvb The eboarder berlin have a whatapp group. I think we can also use these to find find more boarder.

Theres a whatsapp group?? how can i join?

Send me a pm with your number and i will add you.