Fellow NZ esk8 builders out there for advise?

Heya all, So I’ve purcahsed a pre-built electric skateboard a few months back, and now that I have an idea of my “ideal” electric skateboard, I was thinking if I should build it myself rather than a pre-built one. But I was wandering what where your experiences like, and what parts costed GST (tax for those out of NZ) when importing into NZ? Did your build end up being cheaper or more expensive than a pre-built one? With the new GST law hitting us soon I thought building a diy board sooner than later should be better. Thanks for any input in advance

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I’m not a new Zealander but I think you should read;

DIY is almost always more expensive. A LOT more expensive


but lets be clear, that money isnt wasted by any means. The QUALITY preassembled boards that people sell here are often more expensive then if you were to assemble it yourself, and thats ok. Its just another section of the market. When youre paying <1000 USD for a chinese preassembled ‘All terrain mountain board’ youre going to get junk

Remember to spend your money wisely OP, DIY is often more reliable, but at the cost of you not getting things as cheap as manufacturers can


And here I was thinking I’ve made sure I read all the FAQ pinned threaded :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

Thanks for the input! Porbably means I’ll initially look for a pre-built first, to ensure I have something solid and working, and then plan my way into the DIY rather than jumping on it asap :slight_smile:


This is a great approach, get to know what you like and what you dont, and build a board around that later :slight_smile:

Im sure its going to be a knockout first build if you go that route :+1:


Some times slow and steady can win the race :wink:

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