FIIK Big Daddy type Esk8 - What to do?

So first of all, I am a complete newb when it comes to esk8. Furthermore, electronics / electric circuitry was never my forté so please be genlte… :smiley:

Bought my first esk8 thar looks exactly like this one:

It came without the remote and the batteries are dead. So I ordered a 10s pack (36V) for the 800W motor and now I have to figure out what to do with the missing remote.

I’ve been lurking around a few forums and FB groups, and after disassembling the receiver box I am facing a set of 4 white wires as the photo shows. I am pretty sure these carry the signal to the stock ESC but I cannot move forward if I dont know the pin-out of those 4 wires / socket.

Am I correct assuming that the signal going to the ESC is a PWM tipe? or just a normal potentiometer? Would a receiver like this work with my ESC?

The motor is working, it was tested with a different ESC (from a goped) by the previous owner but he never got to change the receiver so the stock ESC probably hasnt been tested either…

Not sure what to do now… the esk8 cost about $60 and I am not sure I want to spend $200 in a new VESC + remote + battery…

Thanks in advance for any input!

Miguel R.