Fiik Street Surfer Build

Recently bought an old Street Surfer and I am looking to build it back up! From what I can see it is definitely missing the battery. Motor still seems in tact. It did not come with a remote. This is my first build so any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not even sure where to start.


Battery would be the start. Then proceed to see what ESC its using and determine if you need to change it (which you might). That should get things started. Looks like a trampa vesc would be beneficial to this. Make sure to also have a remote as well.

I found the info about it. Life04 batteries is an interesting pick. Id go with a 10s battery pack for safety. That’s me though

Thanks! That is actually a newer model then I have. This is the one I have, it is 800W whereas that newer one is 1000W I believe. Not sure if it is brushless or not…

It should be brushless if its an esk8 motor. I haven’t seen many brushed motor type boards. But yes, a 10s4p battery and a trampa vesc for single motor type boards should work best. Just make sure you have your own remote to set up. Does it have those 3 phase wires on it?

Edit: its brushed so It’ll only have 2 phases.

There is only a a T Plug connector coming out currently:

That is the esc plug. If you connect the battery, that should turn on the board. The motor wire is connected there:

You may need to remove it to see if the esc can be replaced. Otherwise, it might be difficult and You’ll need to change some things.


Nevermind, i found the motor. I guess you have to check the esc on it.

Note: you can still run this on a vesc. But there’s a catch to it.

I plugged it into a battery and it would not turn on, next step would be to open up this grey box and see what esc is inside? Any recommendations for low cost ESCs? Looking to stay under $100. Thanks!

You can try a makerx single esc, but its not a $100 budget. You can try flipsky, but i don’t recommend it unless you keep it low and safe. The escs I know aren’t cheap unfortunately. Do note that if you’re using an esc, you have to use vesc tool and change it to DC, which will only use phases 1 and 3, leaving the middle out since that motor is brushed.

Heres the links:

Second note: go with makerx. And make sure not to put too much amps on brushed dc motors.

Never heard of these before. Good luck with the build.

Hey! Even I recently found an EMAD sidewalk surfer with 600W motor in the same condition as yours. What kind of battery should I be using for this? at 36v LIPO? what capacity? or does that depend on the ESC i get?