Fiik Street Surfer - faulty battery

I have a Fiik Street Surfer electric skateboard with a battery that won’t charge. A replacement battery is several hundred dollars so looking for a way to reuse these batteries.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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something from, or

You use lead sealed batterie…i guess your using a modern “smart charger” those refuse to charge under 8volts. What you can do is hooking it up to your cars batterie and go for a ride. By connecting it your cars batterie will try to equalize with yours. When your going for a ride your alternator will also recharge your connected batterie. Another solution is to connect your charger and connect a good 12v one witb your dead one. Your charger will see a proper voltage and start the charge . After about an hour of charging disconnect the other batterie. If the charger stops one of the 6 cells is damagedand and need a new onee

That’s the same as a snowmobile battery. Shop around for those and get one similar in size. I mean if you want to force charge it just use you car cigarette lighter to trickle charge on a drive to work or something connect the positive and negative correctly and plug into cigarette lighter. Make sure to unplug it when the car is not running.

Another thing you can try to do: almost al sealed lead acid batteries can be opened up if theres a sticker on top, tear it of, under there are usually 6 little caps or a lid of some sort, try to get it of with a screwdriver or something similar. Once you get it of see if you can see any liquid, if you see only some waferlike grey stuff, take some distilled water and fill every hole until the wafers are submerged. It could be that you see nothin bit a white dot. If thats the case just take a siringe and fill it up with the water. All the way up then let it sit for 30 mins. Check again and fill it up again if all water is dissapeared. Repeat that until its not taking up any more water. Then as i said before try charging with your car first. Over time the water evaporates and your bayterie dries up. In some cased you can revive an old battery that way. Just know it will never be as new as the lead turns into sulphate over time and has more problems holding its charge. But usually a 12v12ah batterie doesnt cost alot. I just checked and here they cost about 20€ max. Unless its a deepcycle batterie

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