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Filling crack in CF deck with Epoxy?

Hey guys, will spare the story, basically I have a CF deck that got cracked and is separating when I put pressure on it. I need to fill the big gap (gets bigger than shown in picture, can fit a small hex key inside of it) that causes the drop-down deck to bend in. Here is a picture.

Would this be fixable with some strong epoxy? I’m thinking all I’d need to do is separate it a bit by causing pressure and then fill it up with as much as it’ll take, bend it back in opposite direction and let it cure and then sand it… Any suggestions or is this deck toast? There is a crack on the other end but it isn’t as severe.

Is this you new GT. Oh no. Did you slam it into a wall.

Would rather not talk about the incident in this thread, I’m just looking to fix it

The bicycle industry has been repairing carbon frames for sometime.

I would give one of those shops a call and get their advice.

I think a lot of home repairs would not last long.

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Thanks, will look into that

To get it to last long enough you are going to need to sand it down and try to epoxy it as much as possible, and lay another few layers of carbon fiber and resin.

Sorry! but that’s not how this community works… you need to tell us the full story otherwise is seems like your trying to hide something. Is this user error, manufacturing faults…? If you want the community to give you information you need to give them something to improve their knowledge. win-win.

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I already got two suggestions for how to fix it without having to give the full story FYI… This was caused by a car tire putting pressure on the deck almost running it over…

great! now people won’t need doubt to fill their minds… if you don’t tell the full story people will make one up.