Final Plans.. Maybe?

After about 30 hours of nonstop learning and research, I think I finally have a final parts list. Experts help!!!

Dual Motors-

1/4 inch Risers-

Motor Mounts and pulleys-

Trucks- products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks




Batteries (in series)-

Unsure if I wanta power button for now or just a “key”

Should this work? Any weak spots? Do I need more powerful batteries???

Thank you!


Personally, instead of going dual right off the bat on a tight budget, and by doing so using subpar parts (battery and ESCs), I’d recommend that you go for a solid single-wheel drive first, with better batteries, and a vesc-derived speed controller.

It’s easier to start a solid single drive and upgrade to a dual later, rather than having a marginal dual from the beginning that you’ll have to fix/upgrade constantly.

If it were my build, I’d ditch one motor and those ESCs and batteries, and use what you save by going single to get a FOCBOX and a couple 5s packs instead.

You’ll have almost as much power available running a 10s single as you would have with a 6s dual, and the 10s-6374-vesc single combo is a well-proven one.


Thanks for the quick response, I didn’t mention it in this thread, but due to budget, I would start with a single 6374. I like the idea!! So, later on if I was to go duel and get a second FOCBOX, would I need to add more battery power? Or would 10s be able to support the dual setup?

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The question of power requirements isn’t related to the voltage (S count), but the capacity and current the battery can supply. A pair of 5s 5000mah turnigy packs should be able to feed a pair of motors, but you won’t have a ton of range, so you might want to upgrade later for that reason.

Most people that run dual (Unless they’re trying to break records) generally runn less power to each motor than a single would use, for example 40 amps per motor rather than 60 for a single.

Okay cool, for me I’m more focused on a long term reliable board, not going 25 mph everywhere, its primary use is getting me to class. So I think I will start with the single setup, 10s, then eventually if needed get duel. Thank you!!

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Glad to help! :slight_smile:

Do not cheap out on escs

Just get a vesc if Focbox is too expenaive for you try to find a used one or the hobbyking one


Whats are some cheaper vesc alternatives to focbox that still have good performance?

You have maytech and torqueboards but you can not use foc on these reliabley Maybe if you go like 6s or 8s you will but I would not risk it

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thoughts on products/torque-esc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller

seems decent?