Final recommendations for first build

get yourself some bms man. just trust me on that. save you a lot of plugging and unplugging.

ya, im actually getting the DIY vesc, sensored motor, and single motor mechanical kit. And I was curious because @richardx was recommending the 5x 2s 5Ah batteries instead of the current 2x 5s 8Ah batteries on the list. Any idea what you would choose between?

Ya, on my list above I listed this BMS: Im already ordering it.

I would choose a lion setup to TBH. Have you worked with lipos before? They are really sensitive to output usage. You can easily get someone here to make a pack for you(u living in the states?). But if you insist, I would go with 5 x 2s 5ah lipos since they are thinner and can be cheaply replaced.

I was thinking about a lion settup, but I have no idea how to wire a lion setup to a bms and isnt lion alot more expensive?

In the DIY world, Samsung 30Q 18650’s are the way to go and would cost just as expensive or less for the same 296wh. But since you aren’t into DIY’ing batteries packs, you can either buy one, which would cost about >$250 including BMS, or just stick with the lipo setup. Keep in mind that lipo’d only last about 200~300 cycles, or 4000 miles compared to >500 cycles for lion’s(commonly referred to as 18650).