Finalizing a Build

Hello Guys, I am posting on here because I am about to finalize a build buying wise and I want to make sure I have all the right parts before starting to build. Also keep note I am 17 years old and the point of this board is SPEEEEDDDD

So far: I have: -Deck from Ebay -Deck hardware from ebay -Deck Griptape from ebay -97mm Wheels (ABEC) from ebay (I might buy some 107mm if I have some money left) -2x Hobby King 192kv 6347 Motor SK3 -2x Drive Wheel Pulley 36T, 12mm -2.4 Ghz Remote & Reciever Torque Boards 218mm trucks -2x FOC BOX -2x Motor Mounts from [email protected] -20T HTD5 15mm Motor Pulley from DIYELECTRICSKATEBOARD -12s4p Battery with Enclosure

My questions now are:

1.Should I buy a 18T 12mm Motor Pulley instead? 2.What length and width Pulley Timing Belt should I purchase if I stay with what I have/ or change to the 18t 12mm? 3.Do I need to buy this1 this2 or this3 ? 4. Am I missing anything? or logistics wise is this wrong?

Any input will be very very appreciated thank you so much in advance!!! :smile:

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  1. See how you like the 20t pulley first
  2. Use this:
  3. You need the first and the third. If you buy the xt90 parallel connector you’ll need to cut the xt60 connector from the 2x Focbox and solder on an xt90 to both of them.

That website doesn’t give me a value when I put all the info in

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How do I use that calculator and what do I put for that last value?? Does anyone know what belt length I need, I know I need a 12mm HTD 5

The center to center distance? You’ll have to ask @marcmt88 he should know what belt length you need

@marcmt88, I bought motor mounts from you a while back, do you know that distance?

Currently away from my shop…let u know by tomorrow.

You shouldn’t need the male to male servo lead as the focbox comes with a pre-soldered servo lead. The can bus cable (item 3) is a must to connect both boxes together. Do your research on canbus connections on here before you set it up though this is very important as you can easily fry your vesc’s if its not set up correctly.
I personally like 15mm belts especially with this much power and have only experienced belt skipping with 12mm although your choice of mount with dual idlers should help in this regard. This thing is going to fly my friend, according to the esk8 calc you should get over 40mph with this build and that takes some skill to ride.
I’m just in the process of setting up my 12s 4p and 6374s witth 16/36 so will let you know how that goes to give you an idea of performance you can expect. Good luck and stay safe

Please wear full gear going those speeds, knee pads, helmet and gloves at the very least, elbows and hip gear should also be worn. This is coming from my experience taking a fall at about 50-60km/h with only a helmet, I still have cuts grazes and a potentially fractured finger from about a month ago


Okay thank you so much.

Okay will do, thank you!

completely agree with @pat.speed. Also, if you’re wanting that high of a gear ratio, I’d be going for a lower kv 6374 (like 150kv or something) this way you’ll get a little bit more torque

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If an Evolve can handle a gearing ratio of 2:1 (32:16) then he should be fine with 6374s, 192KV and 1.8:1. I got myself two 170 KV just in case but don’t think there is much of a difference.


So just took out my board with the new battery for a test run. Very careful test run too as my focboxes are now outside of my enclosure. Clocked it at 35mph on the flat and it was still climbing and I can attest that the 218 tb trucks get very unstable at that speed with standard bushings. Gearing is 16/36 on dual 192’s sk8’s and 12s4p 30q. Torque was incredible compared to the 10s 3p. You have to weigh up what you want from the board. I like to carve and I like power but to get the trucks stable I had to tighten them up too much for any kind of carving and losing that torque is not an option for me but I am a big heavy guy.
Time to play with bushings and throttle curves oh and the braking too, very nearly did a good impression of superman. Its actually scaring me a bit :sweat_smile:


Hey Keivan, You bought the long arm with C-C is ~100mm.

Okay thank you.

So wait do I need a 345mm belt?

Belt size depends on the pulley ratio of your setup. Best is to setup your drive system, wrap a string around to measure.