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Finally! A church is used for something good

This is how you make the community better.


Holy balls! That is amazing. Finally a place for all the godless heathens (well, some, not all). Lol. I bet the original designer never saw that coming. And what a cool vantage point from the balcony to watch the ramp riders. It’s not over until the fat lady is drawn naked in brick inside a church. (I think I got that saying right.)

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Right?! I want this here. In SoCal.


I’ll bet it smells like weed in there! :evergreen_tree:

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Ur hilarious lol

Well in NY we had the Limelight back in the day…it was a club …it was in an old church… Looked like a church…till you went inside…crazy shit…seen naked twister played once…and another time Billy Idol just popped up out of nowhere lol good times back then


Damn the limelight, that brings back memories crazy times girls dancing in cages hung from the cathedral ceilings, saw a few good show there, don’t remember much😈

Amazing! Thanks for posting that, man I want to skate in there

Lol…remember that house of cards built inside and went to the ceiling? Lol …they use to divide drugs on tables on the ground floor … All you had to do is look over the railing as you came in

Yeah…that was for sure crazy times