Finally Buying my Parts for my First Build

I would like to start out with a huge thanks to everyone who has helped me in my various threads that I have been spamming. I have been here for just a few weeks and I can already tell that this is a special community. Now for the serious stuff. Please alert me of recommendations or more importantly, incompatibilities. I am buying: DIY’S 120A 6S ($70) DIY’s mech kit ($245) DIY’s 230kv 2650W ($90) LCD programing card ($15) Two Zippy 3S 5000mAh 20C batteries in series ($50) ImaxB6 balance charger ($28) TorqueBoards nano remote ($50) 5 male XT90 5 female XT90 ($10) 4mm HXT series connector ($10) Extra 4mm HXT wire ($3) 35.5" wood longboard deck ($45) Shipping ~$30

Looks good! Just so you know, you can get a 150A Hobbyking ESC for 80 bucks that’s pre programmed if you dont want to waste money on the programming card. Also, the same remote is 50$ at @psychotiller website. Finally, if u stay on one page for about 10 minutes with Hobbyking for our batteries, they’ll offer you the products cheaper. Total savings for same items and a higher amp ESC: ~23$

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Thanks! Ill definitely go that route. That hobbyking trick is pretty funny, but im not complaining.

Good luck with your build, feel free to pm me if you have any questions considering your setup is the exact same I used for my first build

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Also, here is my wiring. Did I do the loop key right?

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Hey you may wanna add a board to that list lol :metal:t2::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:t2:

I was thinking of just asking around my town for a free give away, unless there is something you recommend for under $50. I dont care too much about the deck.

Do you have a charger for your Imax? You need some sort of enclosure unless you want to velcro it on like I did. I’ll be doing a loop key like yours sometime this summer.

@popopopop i think ill be able to use one of my laptop chargers with the imax. As for enclosure, ill do somthing sctechy at first like Velcro, and upgrade later.

Looks perfect to me!

Saved you $10 bucks lol

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There is a shortcut for the Hobby King discount. Click on the crowns.

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Thanks for the board recommendation, but it is just about a ripplily as a waves potato chip😂, i cant tell if it is flat on the bottom but if it is that is fine. Im just worried about the parts laying flush. Edit: I looked again and the bottom does look flat. This would make sense too. @Michaelinvegas you actually saved me $28 cause that board has free shipping!!

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Bro…Have you ever ridden a longboard before? :thinking:

where did you ordered evrey thing from ? hobbyking ? im starting my first project as well and looking for parts :slight_smile:

You should care about the deck, it’s the one thing that makes it all possible. Ride comfort and feel is really important. Have a look at Loaded boards, that’s what the Boosted Board is based on… but there are so many out there, it all depends on your budget. Look to spend a little more than $50, no more than $100 will get you a very good deck.

Lol, no. I have only ridden skateboards… :joy: That is the only longboard that I have seen with a design that curvey.

@RomR i got most of the expensive important stuff from diyelectricscateboard like the esc, mech kit, remote, and motor. I got the deck from eBay. The batteries, charger, and xt90’s from hobbyking. And misc stuff like wires from amazon.

and where do you live ? did evrey thing got there on time ? what was the final cost inc evreything ? :slight_smile:

im thinking if i sould make my own or buy a premade one like e-go 2