Finally Complete! | Ebay Board & Trucks | Scooter Wheels | Chain Drive | Custom Battery | Custom Enclosure | Custom Switch

Finally! After a year or so of testing, tinkering, upgrading and - some crashing, I can finally say that my board is . . . complete! :slight_smile:


Build Process:

Anyone got any grip tape cleaner!?


Why those wheels? Chris will “kill” you :smiley: Jokes aside I like your build! Congrats :wink:


Seriously the roads and pavements around my town are atrocious! Pot holes, cracks, big bumps… They’re perfect for it and 97/100mm fly wheels are expensive :confused:

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Nice to see something different. U remind of someone who wanted to glue together more than one scooter wheel amd then try how it works

Too bad I didnt see whenever he suceeded or not but non the less nice to see a bit different approach to wheel choice :slight_smile:

Awesome dude! Loving those wheels :grinning::+1:t2:

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Gotta imagine you do a lot of burn outs with those though and imagine braking force isn’t super great (but I’m usually limited on how hard I can brake anyhow by the belt or inertia, imagine with the chain you might have a little more play but also way less likely to skip). Also is that chain drive loud or not so bad? All I hear with the belt is the motor and the clacking of the board if I’m on a crappy road.

Overall build is pretty sweet the enclosure is super slim and looks nice wouldn’t have guessed the florist trays.

Haha! That was me! :smiley:

Turns out you can’t do it unless you have extra long shafts because the core of the scooter wheel is the same width as any other skateboard/longboard wheel! So you can only fit one wheel on. It’s not too bad though traction-wise, not much different to when I had the original 70 x 50mm wheels on there.

No burn-outs, I weigh like, 13.5st! Braking is REALLY good, the whole reason I got a VESC to be honest as opposed to the Boat ESC I had when I originally built it. I’ve had a couple of people walk out in front of me so far and they’ve stopped me in good time and distance. I imagine (I’ve never experienced belt drive) the chain is much stronger than the belt for braking. There’s certainly never been any slippage or tooth jumping, the chain has just about the right amount of slack.

Now that I’ve re-built and everything is tightly packed and padded in my new enclosure, all I hear is the motor…no chain at all. Here’s my son having a go the other day… It’s pretty quiet.


Just get a scrub brush with stiff bristles.

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Thanks! I’ll try that. Cheaper than gum… :thumbsup:

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Nice yeah really quieter than I expected too basically sounds the same as my belt as far as I can tell from the clips.

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What kind of flower trays? I need to get myself one badly and asap

The best option here is to get three, you’ll need two to make it big enough, although they depends on what cells you’re using…

Also, I had to sit mine on strips of hard rubber, about 10mm tall to get the depth right as they’re quite shallow these trays… Basically there’s quite a bit of modification required to get to a perfect enclosure with these, it might not be worth it for you…

You might be better with one of these…

Oh yea def the 2nd one, im looking into 10s4p or more

The other one does work well, but you have to do quite a bit of modification. I’m running 8s4p li-ions…

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Hmm, do you think itll fit 10s4p, a bms, and dual vescs, what if I mount the vesc on the outside?

Nice build, how did you build in the relay? How is that working out for you?

The relay cuts/connects the main power from the battery to the VESC, it’s powered (momentarily) by a voltage regulator to step down the voltage to 25v from 33.6v (8s). It’s a double coil latching relay so power the coil for faction of a second one way = on, fraction of a second the other way = off.

It’s working great! Never had an issue and there’s no spark either. I’d recommend it for a cheap high current switch for sure…

Sounds good, do you have a link to where I can purchase the relay and stepdown board?

Unfortunately I can’t find anything on my phone at the moment, I got mine from eBay but I can’t find any…

For the voltage regulator, you just need a regular high voltage > 24v regulator, from rs components or digikey.

For the latching relay you want a SPST latching relay that can handle current from 60A - 120A. Mine is rated for 120A but you can get away with a 60A one just as well… Needs to be momentary and double coil.