Finally got a new cheap HP! Now how do I download bldc tool!

I’m excited to finally get familiar with my vesc. I’ve been waiting awhile to get this far in my Esk8 diy endeavors but I didn’t have a way until now. If you have any advice for PC users so I don’t fry anything that would be great. I already have a buddy going to walk me through it but I like info. I have already looked at most the info on here. I can read all day but it’s hands on where I really learn. So thanks to all those I’ve already learned from. I’ll post the the Revelwaukee specs when it’s all complete. IMG_20190330_133730405

To answer the question in your title:
We need a bit more information regarding your setup to help you. :slight_smile:
Battery, motor, vesc and so on.

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Yes I know I’m just asking, when I connect to my PC what not to do so I don’t fry anything. As for my set up it’s a mix of 3 36v batteries in parallel, Vanda vesc’s one slave, one Master for a dual set up, motor is flipsky 6354 190KV 2450W 10mm.