Finally got all my components. Now how to make it all work?!

Ok after months of waiting for the raptor 2 and carvon v3 pre orders, I finally decided to buy some maytech 90mm hubs and dual vesc x. I have an enertion space cell 4 and also a custom 10s5p by @barajabali and an enclosure by @psychotiller Now I just need to put the board together, but learned that the single xt60 on the vesc isn’t compatible with my xt90 10s5p battery so I ordered xt60 to xt90 parellel connecters. Also bought xt60 parellel splitter to connect to the space cell 4. Now I don’t know what to do bought the hall sensors. I think it is a 5 pin connecter, do I need to get a 6 pin connecter? Also, the motor to vesc wires. The motor came with male leads, do I snip and solder those to the vesc wires or find connectors. Next, how do I program the vescs? Bldc or foc, and what settings do I choose. Are there general numbers I can plug in or do I need to do it specific to my setup. U understand the battery and stuff, but as for motor ramp up and current etc… also, I have a winning remote. The binding process looks fairly simple, I’m waiting for my meb small handheld remote. I think that one only has two rows of pins so I don’t know if it’s different. Do I use a y splitter or can bus connecter? Any info would be appreciated. I’m from so cal so if uu was locally and can help me with my build, I’d be happy to compensate ya. Thx for reading. I’m so ready to get back on the road. My dog misses the walks where she gets to run the whole time. (Cuz I’m for damn sure not sprinting up n down hills everyday) TIA! on1y, Bryan


Hey Bryan,

For your hall sensors, you might want to get something like this: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-sensor-wires/

I’d suggest you get connectors instead of soldering your motor leads to your VESC, look for 4mm or 5.5mm bullet connectors.

Refer to this post for configuring your VESC:

Regarding the winning remote, it is known to dropout and is generally not recommended on this forum, I’d personally replace it with a GT2B or a Benchwheel.


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I am still using the Winning remote on 2 different builds…No drop outs ever. Not to say I haven’t had a couple of other issues, but I’m not sure why anybody would be having dropout issues. I’m just not fond of the short throw between brake and throttle. And the pot adjustment on a couple of them didn’t work.

Get that board put together!

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Hello. Are you still using the maytech motors. Would you mind to share your thoughts on them? It would be greatly appriciated.