Finally off road wheels

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@jeorghe what tires are those and what hubs are you using?

Looks like mbs hubs not sure about wheels but could be trampa 10 inch or 9 inch mudpluggers

Correct me if I’m wrong

Hypa trampa hub with some 3d printed parts ti Wide the hub channel and diameter. The tyres are 3.00-4 .

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Not mbs. Looks like a trampa or their clone


can you share the stl file for the printed adapters? cheers! also do you still have the link to the tires?

Yes I can, send me in pvt message your email.

i have a 3d printer and would luv to be able to get better tires for off road. can you send me the STL’s please? :slight_smile:

Yes I can, send me an email… :slight_smile:

Sooo, how it performs?