Finally starting my first build

10s5p can probably go 36km guys. My board is 12 5500mah lipos (so about 12s2p) and it goes about 11 miles, which is about half of that. That’s on shitty roads, fair number of hills, dual motors so less efficient than a single motor.

Thanks for the information, I live in the Netherlands though, so I don’t have any hills, the roads are pretty good as well and I’m going to use a single motor so that should be quite a difference.

I also don’t think I’m going to buy the 10s4p battery right now. I will probably go for some cheaper lipos first and build the rest of the board, when I got some more money I can always choose to upgrade to a 10s4p, right now that just seems to expensive

I can vouch for the alien power systems remote. Go for the one with the red handle part, It might not be pretty but it was very reliable for me and has a good length of trigger movement.

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if your on a budget just get the cheap 10s5p battery and buy a spare battery, you possibly could get one of their smaller batteries and keep it in a backpack just in case you need extra range, just design the enclosure so the battery is easily accessible then you can simply do a quick swap if needed

So after all recommendations I decided that I would probably be better of if I just buy a €40 board from amazon or eBay. For the rest of the parts I decided to change it up aswell.

The motor I want to use is a 6374 192kv motor from hobbyking.

I want to use a vesc but I don’t know where to buy it, so suggestions would be nice(please remember that I’m from the Netherlands and don’t want to pay to much for shipping).

First I wanted to use belts but I heard that a sprocket would be more quiet so I will get one from aliexpress. Should I use this or is a belt still better?

I want to use the motor mount from hobbyking.

I don’t know what controller I will use, I might go for the alien power controller. What other controller could I use?

I will probably get a 10s1p battery from @pjotr47 , I will upgrade this later to a 10s4p but right now this will have to do.

Am I missing anything? And will this work together?

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Doesn’t break after 3 rides, then again after being fixed

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I get that, but do you think this would be good enough to not fall apart after a few rides?

@Stef1, go with Caliber 2’s @dickyho new caliber mount ( he released them today, we’ll test them when they arrive) @johnny_261 pulleys or @marcmt88 pulleys
Go with belt, get them from ebay. At least hobbyking vesc/flipsky vesc Motor is fine although you could go with HK esk8 specific motor. @pjotr47 / @Acido battery Wowgo metal enclosures or meepo plastic ones.

If you want to use HK mount, use their trucks, just upgrade to Riptide @Alphamail bushings. Edit: street board uses around 10wh/km. So for 35km you’ll need 10x35=350wh. Equals to 30 cells of 30Q


I want to keep the cost down, so I might upgrade the trucks later on but first I will just use what’s on the board. Why do you recommend pulleys and a belt over a sprocket and a chain? I will make my own wooden or carbon enclosure.

I know this but I will upgrade the battery later, probably to a 10s4p so I would have enough power with that battery

Because it’s easier to get, less hassle

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But quality wise it’s not worse right?

Idk for sure but 90% of builders here use belts so that means something