Finally starting my first build

So after some research I decided that I wanted to make my own esk8. I want to make the deck myself and for the rest of the board I found these on I wanted a big battery because I want to use it to travel to school, that’s 36km for me so I thought this would do the job. I thought that this esc was at a good price and it has a power switch, I might go for a vesc instead but I don’t really know which vesc to buy So I want to be able to go at least 25km/h and probably not more than 35km/h would this motor be good or should I use something else?

Because I am going to make my own deck I wil make the enclosure as well so it will hopefully perfectly fit. For the deck I was planning on using 4 pieces of plywood, and in the bottom two I wanted to make a hole for the battery and esc, would this be strong enough? The plywood is 3mm thick.

So do you guys think that this is enough for my needs(I’m 65kg btw). Would the deck be strong enough or should I use something like carbon fiber to strengthen it?

that build is budget. 36km u wont get! if you want to go 36km to school, buy or build an hig end board. not diyeboard… my opinion


But would the 10s5p not be enough?

It depends on the cells, that particular 10s5p uses LG MF1 cells.

It’s a cheap low capacity cell.

You would need a crazy efficient drivetrain to reach 36km with that battery. At some point during the ride, the voltage sag will be too much and you will barely move.

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What cells do you recommend for this range? And were could i buy those?

You should reach 21km with that battery

What other batteries could i use? Preferably pre build, or atleast no nead to solder everything myself

Okay so here’s some questions and opinions that came to mind:

  • In which country do you live?
  • What is your absolute spending limit for now, will you get more funds in future?
  • What is the benefit of laminating your own deck from plywood? It’s incredibly hard to do without cracks that didn’t get enough pressure/glue, when you don’t have a proper Skate deck press. If the benefit is cost reduction, I’m sure there are acceptable vanilla flavoured decks on ebay for 40$
  • If you want to stay cheap, go for single drive
  • Scavange the forum for used parts
  • Don’t buy crap from diyeboard because it’s cheap. When you want to go 36km on your board (which is very doable) then you need reliable parts.
  • get 10s4p Samsung 30q and you’re golden on the range.
  • if you need a cheap Vesc based ESC, get the hobbyking sk8 one
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I live in the netherlands, my budget right now is around €450(will become more, but right now this is it) and I wanted to make my own board but if its hard to do I might get a cheap deck somewhere else. Where could i get those batteries?

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You can get a 10s4p 30Q battery here for €230

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I know this is props not what you want to hear but the lowest threshold to building a quality board is around 700€. I think below that you might be better off just buying one of the regular ready made china boards.


Has some motors for sale

But what kind of specs does a " quality board" have in your opinion?

Vesc (ish) Proper Samsung, Sony etc Battery BMS Reliable remote (used) original Kegels or Abecs

That’s more or less it and I think these are hard to reach with a <700 budget.

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Has some motors for sale [/quote] Thanks for mentioning

Oh and get as much as possible from the states if you have any friends visiting. Everything is cheaper there

So I should get another esc, I will probably get a battery from @pjotr47 if he still can. Is there really a lot of difference between remotes, if so I think I will get the one from alien power. And I will probably upgrade the wheels later.


I think I will get most of my parts from hobbyking then