Firefly Esk8 Remotes Integrated PCB

Thanks to Solidgeek’s Firefly Remotes, which makes electric skateboards even more fun. I have a little knowledge of the electronics profession, so I designed the integrated PCB based on the schematics published by solidgeek, avoiding the cumbersome assembly of modules. It is still in the testing phase. mcu is atmega328p. The remote controller PCB is ready to use but it is not convenient enough. For example, the download of firmware cannot use USB directly, but only use another circuit board to download the firmware. When my design is complete, I will open source the schematic and PCB. But I have a question, solidgeek released a new remote controller schematic on his personal website, the MCU changed to atmega32u4, but the firmware of the remote controller has not changed. Can anyone tell me if he has released new firmware? This is the link If the new remote control schematic can be used, I will give up the current PCB and redesign the PCB of the new remote control schematic. In addition, I am now in China, so the components I use are all readily available in China. I only have time to design the PCB at night, all the speed will be very slow, please be patient My English is not good. This is using Google Translate. I’m very sorry. PCB layout may not be reasonable, please make suggestions

![333|446x500] (upload://uaL0QCc2teADXxBsw3Se1obLrME.jpg)


If you want to make low-cost VESC4.12, I share the low-cost ESC based on vesc4, please see the link:

People aren’t looking for low cost,they are looking for high quality…


More choice

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The PCB design is completed and is being sent to the factory for processing. I plan to redesign the remote to fit my PCB shapeSnipaste_2018-06-26_22-06-08Snipaste_2018-06-26_22-05-53Snipaste_2018-06-26_22-07-39


Any updates ?

Going to sell the pcb???

Sorry, my friend gave me a shell similar to the boosted remote control. I designed a new remote control PCB for him and sent it to the factory. 1 QQ%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%8720180819224040


Nice , is this telemetry based like the firefly or a no-none sense remote ? It would be really nice to just have a reliable remote that’s not affected by interference and have a programmable multi-button and LED’s like Boosted’s

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based on the firefly。 I use different 2.4G modules and they are very stable. The LED is not used, I think there is enough OLED display information, and I try to add a button to switch acceleration and a switch to control the light.

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Okay if you know the price i will buy one!

I don’t plan to sell it for now, I need enough test time.

Nice ! I’m still a strong advocate for a single momentary programmable button

Agree with your point of view



Nice this is that the backfire/winboard remote casing from Tao? What are you planning to do with the OLED?

Are you planning on selling/groupbuying a complete ?

Yes, the casing is from Taobao I will design a frame to protect and hold the OLED There is no plan to sell it for the time being, unless I have tested it normally.

I’ve been using a Firefly for a few days now and there’s a few things I’d like to change. Im not a huge fan of the long throw on the throttle.coming from a Nano x. The other thing is I wish it would stay one one fixed data I hate that it cycles from speed to battery life to distance I really don’t need distance and with I could change it to MPH, maybe I can but I need to learn programming lol

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HI, I made a change, switch data every 4 seconds → click the button to switch data


Oh nice. Is that just software? Can I upload your software on my remote?

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