Firmware for lingy ESC

Dear Builders,

I have this ESC. It is working nicly for HUB motor.

I would like to reprogram it to work with a belt drive setup.

Any ideas where can I get such firmware?




Not possible to do with that ESC. Welcome to the forum.

Lingyi esc best esc ever lingyi esc better than vesc based ESC’s. Lingyi esc has 200 amp continuous maybe more no one has ever been that fast. @ShutterShock @zzoko boys are slacking on this one.


Thanks :slight_smile: - I get it :).

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You really just gonna tag me any time there’s one of these around huh

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Not because I want to. Lingyi is paying me a dime every time I find a post about them. Lies. But whatever.

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Hahaha whatever you say bro

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still funny everytime :joy:

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